Pat's Rubber Legs Stonefly
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Pat’s is a great stonefly pattern, but more than that, it an indispensable fly in my arsenal that works year round - often times when others won’t. I use this pattern as a point fly in the two nymph rig so I tie these heavy with a 3.8mm tungsten bead & a lead body. The barbless hook on these has a slight bend in the front to allow them to lie hook point up in the water, minimizing snags due to the weight while getting a good drift. Fish dial into that motion of the legs in the current & it’s an excellent searching pattern. I fish these tightlined or under an indicator, they will produce. This fly can be tied in endless combinations. If you would like a different combo of body&legs not shown, just include your wishes in the comments & I will be happy to accommodate those. For orders of 12 or more flies, please include the coupon code JAKESDOZEN for 10% off your order. Orders over $35.00 ship FREE with coupon code JAKESSHIP Pat's Rubber Legs Stonefly



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