Shungite Sphere Polished | Various Size Handmade Rare Natural Stone From Russia Emf Protection Reiki Stones
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Shungite is one of the rarest & most amazing minerals on our earth. This rare black mineral has become the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of EMF protection. Each of the Shungite sphere is made from a single piece of natural shungite stone. Each Ball is made by hand & is unique, so the size & weight of each sphere are unique & slightly different. Now the market is full of fakes or low quality shungite. Real healing shungite is rare stone. Its have unique properties & great energy. This is a very rare mineral, so very often there are fakes or shungite with an extremely low content of carbon & fullerenes. Such rocks are called shungite contains, they have no power & are only used in industry. This shungite has no fullerenes & its no any healing qualities. Please note that real shungite, which is extract only in the Republic of Karelia may not be cheaper than in the place of its production. You can be sure you will get from us only real shungite, because We live in Karelia. it's the only region on earth where mined this unique crystal! We are not resellers, we have own processing factory of shungite. We guarantee, you will receive from us products made of genuine shungite. Attention! Polished surface of shungite it's a surface which can be easily damaged. This is not paint!!! If you touched the surface with fingers on it, could remain fingerprints. If you need to clear these marks, you need to very easy to wipe them with a slightly damp very soft & soapy sponge under water. Remember, it is not recommended with the effort of rubbing a polished shungite rough brushes & sponges that can damage the polished surface. Pendants, pyramids, cubes of shungite is recommended to take for the edges. If you need to move the polished sphere, better to using for it any fabric. Polished spheres have a nice shine & reflect light. Color of surface is black with golden inclusions are barely visible. Unpolished spheres have a matte surface. Surface is light black with golden inclusions which are easily visible. Please note that each our spheres is unique as it's handmade, so the size, weight & color of product may be slightly different from product on the picture. All our products made only of real schungite. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us & we will reply to you the shortest time possible. Please note that the size of the ball is 12 mm - this is a 12 mm shungite bead with a hole. Shungite Sphere Polished | Various Size Handmade Rare Natural Stone From Russia Emf Protection Reiki Stones



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