10 Kabbalah Amulets With King Solomon Seals Great Set 5 Free Red String Bracelets Blessed in Jerusalem
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10 Kabbalah Amulets with King Solomon Seals Great Set This Set includes 10 most popular King Solomon Seals on cards, so you can easily use multiple amulets & to keep them with you all the time. You receive also a FREE bonus - authentic Red String bracelets from Holy Land, which can protect you & your relatives from Evil Eye & bring you a good luck​​​​​​. The King Solomon Against Evil Eye Seal is one of the strongest amulets which can help his owner to identify secret desires, & be always protected from the dangers, enemies, demons & evil spirits. The King Solomon Guarding & Protection Seal helps sick people wherever they go - traveling, business, work etc. It sharpens people's wisdom to stay away from danger & direct them towards the right way. At the same time it protects against the evil eye. The King Solomon Health Seal helps people to stay healthy & overcome illnesses, distress, pain & physical traumas. The King Solomon Love Seal helps to bring love from "a distance", either when lovers are geographically apart, or when a person feels that the love of parents/colleagues/spouse is distant. It will also help people to love, accept themselves, express this feeling to other through tolerance, understanding, equality & by maintaining the boundaries of love & lust. The King Solomon Matching Seal leads people into situations through which they meet, watch, identify the match they yearn for. It helps them to accept this match with love, respect & admiration. It also increases the fertility & harmony within the family unit. The King Solomon Profusion Seal includes the names of angels that help people to attract profusion & success. It increases financial profit, respect & profusion at work (recommended for business people). It also helps in maintaining focus on the course of business & protects against distractions, which may cause illusions. The King Solomon Livelihood Seal opens the way to material wealth, new interesting job, gives the ability to conduct business confidentially, & to hold various types of negotiations properly (interviews, contracts, transactions, & so on). The King Solomon Wishes Seal will bring success, fame, happiness & fulfill wishes. The King Solomon Recuperation Seal helps the sick to fight the disease, shielding them from the effects of the dark forces, sets people to positive emotions, & helps the body in overcoming the disease on their own/ also it is able to increase the willpower. The King Solomon Fertility Seal contains two parallel lines, which reflect two situations: will & reality. The combination of the letters between the lines is the code which will create this union. It helps people to fulfill their wishes & innermost dreams, which they consider impossible to do. It is intended for anyone who is infertile - women who can not get pregnant or who miscarry & men whose sperm lacks concentration, mobility & quality. It releases mental stress, which may delay conception, during pregnancy it protects the



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