Picea - Solid Botanical Perfume Balm An Ecosystem Of Fragrant Conifers & Herbaceous Understory Spruce, Vetiver, Cedarwood Herbs
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PICEA ~ Solid Botanical Perfume. Picea evokes a redolent forest of ancient trees & the perennial symbiosis of wild plant communities. This solid perfume was crafted with the concept that creating botanical perfume is like cultivating an aromatic ecosystem in each bottle of perfume. The perfumer gathers & harmoniously blends aromatic botanical elements into what becomes a diverse, layered landscape of scent that is the perfume. Picea is the genus of the Spruce tree. This is a deep forest fragrance, an ecosystem in itself, of aromatic balsamic conifers, herbaceous forbs & mossy greenery. Black spruce & Lavender absolutes are the foundation of this perfume & their union is uplifting, rich & grounding. They complement each other perfectly & anyone who has inhaled their co-mingled fragrance knows one whiff is never enough. Picea features verdant notes of Black spruce, Ruh Khus (Vetiver), Patchouli, Pine, Lavender, Clary sage, Jasmine, Cedarwood & Basil. An earthy, deeply rooting scent that transforms with your own ecosystem Picea can be worn by anyone of any gender. Picea features verdant notes of Black Spruce, Ruh Khus (vetiver), Patchouli, Jasmine, Lavender, Clary Sage, Basil, Cedarwood. Solid perfumes are formulated with essential oils, plant absolutes & extracts in a base of fractionated coconut oil & pure local beeswax. The beeswax adds a warm honey note & is a fixative for the scent on the skin. This listing is sold in a 5 gram glass jar & comes in a small box. Each bottle of botanical perfume holds a unique, artisan bouquet of scent. This bouquet is conceived in aromatic wonder & olfactory bliss to transport the wearer to the forests, meadows & gardens that are home to the most magnificent aromatic plants of the world. Botanical perfume provides the wearer with a sensational olfactory experience & a chance to connect with these wondrous aromatic plants whenever & wherever they choose. Our artisan perfumes are hand-crafted in small batches from 100% pure aromatic botanicals in a base of coconut oil or organic cane alcohol. We source the finest quality botanical absolutes, essential oils, & CO2 extracts. We strive to use sustainably wild harvested & organically grown/ no spray aromatics for our creations whenever possible. We also incorporate our in house crafted botanical extracts & infused oils. Absolutely no synthetic or animal ingredients are ever used. Wearing a pure botanical perfume is a personal, intimate experience between the wearer & the scent. Unlike synthetic perfumes which can overpower those around the wearer & are engineered to remain a static cloying scent. Natural perfumes wear close to skin, are ephemeral, dynamic & evolve over the course of wearing them. The botanicals in each perfume offer the wearer subtle aromatic & often therapeutic benefits as they mingle with the wearer's own unique scent & chemistry. Thus, a botanical perfume does not smell identical on each individual. Our botanical perfumes wear close to the skin &



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