50 Healing Crystal Set - Chakra Stone Starter Kit Reiki Pagan Wiccan Spiritual Altars Grid Rough Stones Tumbled Polished Gemstones
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BUILD YOUR OWN HEALING CRYSTAL KIT TODAY! > Choose from 50 different crystals & stones to add to your collection... ~ Crystal Pattern Grids ~ Mojo & Gris Gris Bags ~ Pocket & Purse Stones ~ Apothecary ~ Chakra & Reiki Balancing ~ Aura Cleansing Bath ~ Yoga Meditation ~ Crystal Healing ~ Orgonite ~ Resin Design & Decorations ~ Bath & Body Products ~ Aromatherapy ~ Wiccan Altar & Spiritual Rituals ~ Decorating Candles ~ Jewelry Making & Pendulums ~ Mosaic ~ Feng Shui ~ Energy Healing Body Layouts ~ Creating a Sacred Space ~ Arts & Crafts ~ Gemstone & Mineral Specimen HOW TO ORDER: 1. Choose a kit size (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or ALL 50 stones = 1 of each stone). 2. Please tell me which gemstones/crystals you'd like to receive in the "Personalization Box" or send me a message. If you like surprises > tell me your intentions (ROOT CHAKRA, PROTECTION, etc) & I'll personally hand-select a special variety for you! You can also list a few "must-haves", & I'll carefully complete the collection for you. No duplicate stones, please... If you need a specific crystal in a larger quantity, message me so I can check my inventory & send you a custom order invoice. - This kit offers a wide diversity of crystals & gemstones for your collection Some raw & rough-cut... some lightly tumbled (to prevent chipping)... some big... some small... & 50 different stones to choose from! Each will be in its own bag, with identification & crystal meanings/properties. Most stones available for this kit average between 1-2" (if on the small side = I'll send you 2 stones). Mother Earth produces unique & "one of a kind" creations, so coloring/clarity/shape will vary from stone to stone. Listing pictures above show the typical color, average size, & name of each stone available. You will receive stones similar to the ones pictured. [ AVAILABLE STONES AT THIS TIME: ] ~ AMAZONITE //expression, balance, inspiration// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT, HEART ~ AMETHYST //protection, purification, spirituality// Chakras: CROWN, THIRD EYE ~ APATITE //clarity, spiritual guidance, self expression// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT ~ AQUAMARINE //protection, communication, calming// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT, HEART ~ AZURITE //communication, intuition, guidance// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT, CROWN ~ AVENTURINE //healing, abundance, growth// Chakra: HEART ~ BLACK MOONSTONE (New Moon stone) //intuition, protection, new beginnings// Chakras: CROWN, ROOT, ALL ~ BLACK OBSIDIAN //Master Protector, grounding, healing// Chakra: ROOT ~ BLACK TOURMALINE //protection, grounding, calming// Chakras: ROOT ~ BLUE LACE AGATE //communication, stabilizing, calming// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT ~ BOTSWANA AGATE //universal love, emotional healing, creativity// Chakras: HEART, SACRAL, ROOT ~ CARNELIAN //creativity, physical vitality, grounding// Chakra: SACRAL ~ CELESTITE //divine expression, clarity, angelic communication// Chakras: THROAT, THIRD EYE, CROWN ~ CHAROITE //transformation, insight, spirituality// Chakras: THIRD



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