Envelor 1.2 Inches Dia Coco Grow Discs Pellets For Seed Starter Growing Media Potting Soil Mix Peat Microgreens Fresh Herbs 100 Pack
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ORGANIC COCO COIR GROW DISCS - Coco coir growing media is made of 100% natural & eco-friendly seed-starting grow pellets, made from sustainable coconut fiber. You don’t need to have a green thumb to grow delicious fruits & vegetables with this potting soil. Easy to use nutrient rich grow discs are great for plants & grow pots in the indoors as well as outdoor to grow a perfect garden in your lawn. NUTRIENT RICH COCONUT POTTING SOIL DISCS - Made with pH balanced materials, these organic coconut coir seed pellets is not only a better alternative to traditional potting soil but you can add it to peat moss as well for extra rich. Can be added directly into planter or garden, leaving roots intact & avoiding transplant shock. Small & light, the discs are easy & quick to put in the pots to grow the perfect garden. Available in small size packets, it can be used in bits & pieces as required. IDEAL POTTING SOIL FOR GROWING HERBS & MICROGREENS - Coir potting soil is the preferred choice of growing media to grow vegetables - tomato, cucumber, peppers, ginger, turmeric & other veggies. Microgreens & fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, mint & cilantro are grown in coir potting mix. Coir growing media is also ideal to grow succulents, flower plants like amaryllis & used in landscaping & golf courses. CONSERVE WATER WITH COCO GARDEN SOIL - The fine, porous texture allows for proper aeration & water drainage & absorption making it a great potting soil & has high water retention, allows for water to be dispersed evenly. Our premium coconut fiber potting soil is dehydrated & conveniently packed for easy storage. When ready to use, soak the coco coir grow discs in water, & they will expand into fresh potting soil. High moisture & nutrient retention makes these great for gardening. OUR PRODUCT GUARANTEE - We stand by the quality of our products & happy customers is our number one priority, so if you have any issue, our friendly customer support team will be glad to take care of it. Compact & Convenient Garden Soil - Our premium coconut fiber potting soil discs are dehydrated & conveniently packed for easy storage. When ready to use, just soak the coco coir disc in water & it will effortlessly expand to fresh potting soil.Versatile Uses - Coco Peat is capable of satisfying a wide range of needs. Husk-fibers, derived from the shells of coconuts make this mulch durable enough to use in landscaping, garden beds or grow bags but remains gentle enough to use with orchids & other potted plants! You can even add peat moss if you want to make it a mix of coir & peat moss.Great for All Plants - Made of high quality coco fibers, this mix blends well with soil or fertilizer, making it great addition to any farming & gardening care routine. The combined benefits of low natural salt content, a balanced pH, & minimal odor makes this coco coir medium a perfect way to stimulate healthy growth for all plants. Happy Customers - Our first priority is the happiness of our



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