Hide & Seek Escape Room Puzzle Prop Package
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Easily incorporate the Hide & Seek Puzzle Package in Your Escape Room. Everything will be ready to play out of the box! This Puzzle Package consists of 6 escape room props which all work together. They will seamlessly integrate into an existing room or become a favorite part of a new design. Players will start with the Disk Maze II which contains the code to the Magnet Lock Box. The Puzzle box has an image of the Disk Maze III engraved on it to help clue players in on how to obtain the code. Inside the Magnet Lock Box players will find a wood tablet with the Hide & Seek Cipher Key engraved on it. With this Cipher Key players can then decode the message on the Scramble Spin. The decoded message will work in conjunction with the Shut the Box Mini to reveal the 4 digit combination locking the Wood Box. What you decide to put in the Box is up to you! With this puzzle package I will include a 4 digit combo lock preset to work with the rest of the puzzles (and a second one for backup should it be needed). All you need to do is figure out the where they go in your escape room. Included in this puzzle package are: Disk Maze II Magnet Lock Box Hide & Seek Cipher Scramble Spin Cipher Key Shut the Box Mini Wood Box with Hasp Two 4 Digit Combo Locks IMPORTANT: The codes/numbers/messages are randomized. IF you require something specific please make note of ALL requests when placing your order. Hide & Seek Escape Room Puzzle Prop Package



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