Natural Aquarium Manzanita Trees For Fish Tank, Pond, Terrarium, Reptile Habitats
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Natural Aquarium Manzanita Trees for Fish Tank, Pond, Terrarium, Reptile Habitats Natural manzanita pieces are cleaned & inspected. Sun dried. PLEASE NOTE: All sales are FINAL. I do not accept cancellations or returns/exchanges. This is a custom order. Buyer assumes all responsibility of use of these natural branches in the aquarium or terrarium. I do not give advice or troubleshoot aquariums. I sell manzanita branches. My responsibility stops there. You do what you think you need to do to prepare a natural branch for your aquarium. These are dried branches. A little breakage on the smaller side pieces is normal & to be expected in transit. Due to the high cost of shipping I can not send replacement branches. A Note On Shape - These are cut from natural manzanita. I cut the most interesting ones I can find, but the shape will vary as these are natural branches. You can trim these any way you like with a pair of garden loppers. Some people can experience a fuzzy mold on manzanita that is used in their tank. This has to do with your tank cycling. It is harmless & will be gone within a week. Please visit the following thread: for more information. Excerpts from this thread; "I sell a lot of manzanita wood, the only customers who notice this mold is ones with new tanks with no fish yet. Most fish that will eat off the wood would eat it. Guppies, shrimp, plecos etc. Anything that will scavenge for food. Tetras etc that like to eat mid water won't touch the stuff. Typically a week or so after you have fish eating on it, it is never seen again." "My amano shrimp & BN love that stuff. As one poster said its feeding on the sugars in the wood. Won't be long then it will be gone." "Tank is cycling & trying to dial co2 right now so no fish which is why it's roaming free I guess. I'll just let it do it's thing since there's no rush." Shipping I send these USPS First Class 2-5 days in the continental US. I do not guarantee delivery date on any item. Natural Aquarium Manzanita Trees For Fish Tank, Pond, Terrarium, Reptile Habitats



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