Pink Calcite Stone Tumbles From Pakistan ~ Tranquility, Self Love, Heart Chakra, Compassion, Healer
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Sizes: measured at the longest point ~20mm-25mm / 0.79 inch-1 inch; ONE piece Listing is for ONE piece that will be intuitively selected by me. As always shipped with love from The Gilded Crystal Shop. Pink Calcite tumbles, nicely shaped & very good polish, high quality. Pale translucent pink color, a few with white banding natural color not dyed. Would be a great selection for self love, acceptance & compassion to others. Place by your bed or where you spend a lot of time. Calcite material was sourced from Pakistan. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All crystals, stones, minerals & fossils in my care have been cleared/re-tuned after I received them by either White Sage smoke cleansing "my White Sage is homegrown in my garden every summer" or my Singing Bowl. From time to time I repeat this whole process if the energy in my crystal room feels stagnant or dull. I also keep many, many pieces of my personal Selenite within my crystal room "one can never have too much Selenite" I feel it helps tremendously with keeping everything fresh & positive/high vibrations. I recommend reviewing my shop FAQS before choosing to purchase from me. This is to review any further details with how my shop is run that may have not been in a listing especially the sizing FAQ's. Also check out my "about me" so you get to know me a bit. I am a small time crystal collector, tumbler, eyes wide open gal & I want you to know what I am all about. I do try to have all the facts/details up front so you know what to expect from me. If you have a question concerning any of my shop policies or FAQS, please do not hesitate to ask before purchasing. All materials in my shop were mined from the earth & may not be considered perfect to everyone. Tumbles & polished materials even though they are altered are still a natural material & may show a ding or small unpolished pockets/crevices. Premium, top of the line in quality will be listed as such & priced accordingly. SHOP DISCLAIMER All products be them crystals, stones and/or smudging materials are to be solely used as personal energy enhancer's. The Gilded Crystal Shop makes no guarantee on the effectiveness of such products to any degree. Nor does The Gilded Crystals Shop promote using such products for medical treatment. For Medical advice/treatment, The Gilded Crystal Shop suggest's seeing a licensed Healthcare provider. Pink Calcite Stone Tumbles From Pakistan ~ Tranquility, Self Love, Heart Chakra, Compassion, Healer



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