Chebe Hair Growth Oil - 2nd Best Seller Of Products See Reviews Below From Other Shops- With Ostrich
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Chebe Hair Oil Made with Chebe Powder, Ostrich Oil & Olive Oil plus essential Oils WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING OK everyone..this oil is great! While applying this to my hair my hands got so soft ! I can't say enough good things about it as well as the fact that it made mine & my daughter's scalp feel wonderful! I have been using the Chebe powder with the Ostrich oil I used to put a fake bun on but I feel confident to go with my own small bun. My hair is growing & the Chebe powder & Ostrich oil stops the shedding! But now my family is wanting to try lol Might as well be call Chebe Liquid Gold. This is the quick & dirty version to the chebe application method. If you're in a rush & just need to get the chebe in without all the hassle & mess, this is great. I've also used this in conjunction with the the chebe paste from Chebe USA. The chebe oil by itself makes my hair sooo soft. It is great for reducing inflammation & this helps to restore weak hair follicles & with continued & regular use can help with hair fall/loss. This is quick. The chebe paste from Chebe USA is #1 & the Oil is #2 for me. The paste really makes my 4b/4c kinks pop & stay stretched. Using the Chebe oil gives you the quick application, but not as much of the stretched hair. The oil has my hair moisturize & frizz free. The scent is strong at first but fades Enjoy the product but is a bit expensive I like the fact that the oil with chebe was easy to use & not too oily. Chadian women show that this is not due to genetics. The women do not apply shébé powder mixture to their bangs which, in turn, stay short. However the parts of the hair which they do use the powder mixture on in their routine doesn't break & grows very long & strong. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children Disclaimer Always do a patch test with any product you buy from us. Uhuru Naturals/ChebeUSA shall not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to any products we sell. Even natural & organic ingredients may pose a risk if you or your child has an allergy. Please consult the listed ingredients posted with each product on our websites. Please use all products according to the directions given, & consult a medical professional, should problems arise. No product we sell is intended to replace the care of a physician. Should you have any concerns about using products or your child, please consult your medical professional before use. Chebe Hair Growth Oil - 2nd Best Seller Of Products See Reviews Below From Other Shops- With Ostrich



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