Baltic Birch Wood Cribbage Board - Rustic 120 Hole Two | 2 Track Players Homemade Made in Wisconsin Camping Gift
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Thank you for visiting our listing! This is a Baltic Birch Cribbage Board. Pegs are included with this board! We think that this is one of the highest quality boards that you can find & we hope that the Cribbage enthusiast in your life gets good use out of it. We are passionate about building something for you that will stand the test of time & be there for your grandchildren one day, & beyond. I'll tell you a little bit more about our Baltic Birch Cribbage Board: Made of Baltic Birch, this board will resist warping & bending which happens naturally due to moisture & use over time. Measuring out at 15.5" x 4.375" x .75", this board will accommodate up two players playing a 121 hole run. There are engraved numbers along with lines on the playing surface at every interval of 5, separating the hole groups. Pegs are included with this board. This piece is made to order right here at our shop in Ripon, WI. Approximately 1 week to ship. We hope that you enjoy it! -Come Good Home Woodcrafters See how it's made! About us: What originally started as an idea to buy some land to enjoy on weekends with my kids has turned into Come Good Home Woodcrafters. ​As I get older, I find myself looking for ways to give a special gift to my kids. This isn't a physical gift, this is something deeper. This is time spent together, wisdom, joy, passion, a small legacy. ​Having realized that our busy, out of sync lives wouldn't really allow us to enjoy a weekend getaway, my solution was to start a small family business, with each of us contributing in our own way, all of us pulling together in the same direction, even while physically being miles apart. ​Everything we design & make in our shop is done through a unique blend of technology & old world craftsmanship. The craftsmanship has been passed on through generations of our family. Many of us have pieces of furniture or art that were made by my grandfather. I even have a nativity scene, made in Germany, that was passed on from my great-grandfather. These are keepsakes that are very dear to us & will continue to be cherished by future generations. We make hand crafted heirloom pieces made with old-world woodworking skills passed through the generations of our family. ​It is our goal to design & make pieces that have that kind of value to you & your family. We would be honored to make something just for you. Baltic Birch Wood Cribbage Board - Rustic 120 Hole Two | 2 Track Players Homemade Made in Wisconsin Camping Gift



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