Wooden Photo Letter Collage Fancy Font
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IF YOU NEED YOUR ORDER in HAND WITHIN 14 DAYS AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER YOU WILL NEED TO SELECT THE RUSH OPTION.THE SOONEST I CAN SHIP OUT AN ITEM IS 8 DAYS OF THE ORDER DATE. I am making these AWESOME photo collage wooden letters. These make great customized gifts, and/or a charming addition to your own home. You could get an entire word or get just one letter. They are so sweet & totally unique as they are made from the photos YOU choose! Just email me your pictures to collageprofessionals@gmail.com & I'll do the rest! COLLAGEPROFESSIONALS@GMAIL.COM AFTER YOU ORDER: 13" LETTERS - 16 photos per letter 18" LETTERS - 35 photos per letter Please email: COLLAGEPROFESSIONALS@GMAIL.COM Pictures (PLEASE SEND THEM AFTER YOU ORDER OR LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE SENDING THEM) If you would like color, black & white, or sepia pictures The color you would like for the back & border of the letter. If you need the letter done by a certain date Once I receive your pictures via email, I will re size all the photos to fit the number & cut them to fit the number & I will then put them together like a puzzle. They are glued on top of each other, but I make sure all of the edges are touching so it is a flat surface all around & sealed with a glossy sealer & sprayed with a clear acrylic spray to protect the pictures from discoloring over time. I will message you a preview of the collage before I complete it to make sure you like how the photos are placed. There may be times where I will ask for additional photos if I need them & I may not use all of the ones you send. COLLAGEPROFESSIONALS@GMAIL.COM I MAY USE YOUR ITEM in MY SHOP FOR DISPLAY. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ITEM USED PLEASE JUST EMAIL ME & LET ME KNOW! :) ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED PRIORITY 2-3 DAY MAIL WITH TRACKINGIf you don't let me know a specific color for the sides & back it will automatically be painted black. Wooden Photo Letter Collage Fancy Font



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