Raw Manuka Honey Umf 12+ Product Of New Zealand Cullinary/Cosmetic/Nutricutical Grade
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Lowest price on the internet with more size options than any other seller PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!! This Manuka Honey is sold by weight/dry ounces & not volume/liquid ounces Warning: Do not feed honey to infants under two years old. Natural honey crystallizes. in order to return it to a natural state, warm it up in a water bath. Manuka honey is widely considered the healthiest type of honey. It offers all the health benefits of regular honey. Manuka honey also has a distinctive dark color & intense rich flavor. As with other honey, the color & taste will vary from batch to batch. The honey is also mostly produced in Australia & New Zealand. It is then imported to the United States & other countries. Manuka has gained popularity because of it's strong antibacterial properties. This mostly comes from the compound methylglyoxal (MGO), although other components also play a role. This makes manuka much more powerful for fighting infections. This is one reason that manuka is more expensive than other honey varieties & in such high demand. These are situations where the antibacterial aspects of the honey are significant. As a result, higher levels of antibacterial activity are going to be more powerful. Some such uses include the following: For treating acne, hives & eczema For fighting a cold or an infection Applied to the skin to promote wound or burn healing For improving digestion or colon health As a cough or sore throat remedy Other reasons to use the honey include any uses where the antibacterial activity would just be an added benefit. Some other common uses include: An alternative sweetener An ingredient in a salve for soothing the skin Part of a face mask As a component of the diet To lower overall inflammation Raw Manuka Honey Umf 12+ Product Of New Zealand Cullinary/Cosmetic/Nutricutical Grade



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