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If you choose the vinyl decal, specify the color in the special note. This is a custom cut ONE-TIME use vinyl stencil or vinyl decal. Finished sign is not included. This ONE-TIME USE adhesive backed stencil or decal is great for making a DIY wood sign! one time use vinyl stencil - you paint your board, apply sticky stencil, paint stencil whatever color you want, rip stencil off & done! vinyl decal - apply sticky decal to painted wood or directly on wall & done! If you need a vinyl decal in a color other than shown, let me know & I will check to see if I have that color. Your stencil/decal will come with step by step installation instructions. It will also come with a small tester stencils. That way you can try out a stencil to see how it works for you. Since these do have an adhesive backing & need to be installed similar to a decal, I still recommend these be used on a decently smooth & clean surface. Most wood signs are perfectly fine for this & other slightly rough surfaces as long as they do not have a lot of dirt or debris on them. Be sure to clean or sand them well before installing. They come in one piece!! No need to spend hours lining up letter by letter. Stencil sizes made to fit pine common boards: The first measurement is the size board you want to purchase. The second measurement is how long you want to cut it. these are just suggestions :) 3.5" = 4" wide pine board 5" = 6" wide pine board 7" = 8" wide pine board 9" = 10" wide pine board 11" = 12" wide pine board 16" 20" 24" these 3 sizes can be found at Lowe's Home Improvement in a Pine board or you can use nice smooth Plywood & have it cut to your specific sizes. All Home improvement stores will cut your wood for you. IF YOU NEED A DIFFERENT SIZE OTHER THAN SHOWN, MESSAGE ME & I CAN GIVE YOU OPTIONS. I will also do bulk pricing. Please message me for price quotes. Flower Stencil, Hello Spring Flower, Decor, Vinyl, Vinyl Wood Sign, Crafts, Home Decor



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