Scrappy Scruffy Scuffers -Scraps Of Wool /Sheepskin & Leather Or Split Suede Bison 4 Layer Soles Moccasins/Slippers - Women's Sizes 5 12
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I decided to use the tiny pieces of Pendleton blanket wool & make a collage type scuff with them. I sewed the scraps onto a upcycled wool blanket & created these scuffs with many upcycled fabrics - shearling; wool blanket; motorcycle pants leather; Pendleton bits & pieces. These are a slip-on style moccasin. There are no buttons. Just slip on & go for people who like that style. I can make this 'scuffs' style in any of the fabrics in my shop. Scuff version features top trim Pendleton wool felt bias tape (used for their blanket bindings) & is crochet stitched to the top of the scuff with wool yarn. I also used Pendleton wool felt bias tape to make 'pulls' for slip on ease & for moccasin hang-up loops. First three pictures show different versions of this style scuff. Last two pictures show the original pair of Scrappy Scruffy Scuffers. Please note that there are no seams on the insides of these scuffs that would irritate your feet. I sewed the scraps directly onto the blanket wool using a zigazag stitch - onto the scraps' raw edges. Inside of scuffs has the zigzag bobbin thread stitching - no seams on the inside of the scuffs. Also, please note that all future pairs of these scuffs will have other Pendleton scraps used & will not look exactly like the scraps that I used in this particular pair. You can specify your color & motif preferences & I will customize your scuffs with your favorites. The pictured pair is a women's size 8/9 & is sold.. If you would like a pair in your size (as a custom order), just contact me. I can also make this pair of scuffs with Polartec fleece (it's thick - I have it in black) as the base lining of the scuff instead of the blanket wool, if you prefer. This pair of scuffs features purple sheepskin insoles. Soles are made in four layers. Bottom two layers are genuine leather or thick split suede bison leather; next layer is thick felted blanket wool & insole is genuine sheepskin. If you prefer, I can use thick blanket wool as the insoles instead of the sheepskin. Just let me know. These moccasins should be super warm & comfortable. I do the basic construction with my sewing machine. Then I do the rest of the work by hand. I used a layer of felted blanket wool as the lining with scraps of felted Pendleton® wool appliqued to the blanket wool to make the uppers. Soles are blanket stitched to the uppers with artificial sinew. Scrappy Scruffy Scuffers -Scraps Of Wool /Sheepskin & Leather Or Split Suede Bison 4 Layer Soles Moccasins/Slippers - Women's Sizes 5 12



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