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AUGURY Oracle Reading! A reading of OMENS! AN ANCIENT & RARE ABILITY! All communication via email PDF download file via email AUGURY OF NATURE or SIGNS OR OMENS THROUGH DIVINATION Have you seen a sign? A bird or other animal come to you? Strange & unusual lightning or odd sounds? Have you cast a Spell & the Flame did something unique? Performed a Ritual & something unusual happened? If a Natural Wonder, Omen & sign came to you & you need to have a Sorceress to interpret it for you.... ASK TODAY! Ammael or Dwight can assist you! Have a Magus Oracle Speak & Hear a Divine message for YOU! Will connect to the All & DIVINE To see & hear & know what message is being sent to you. Clear Detailed Reading Honest Guidance All communication via email pdf file within 3 days Please allow for up to 3 days for this Ritual to be completed. AUGURY: prophetic divining of the future by observation of natural phenomena— particularly the behaviour of birds & animals. OMEN: (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. People in the ancient times believed that omens lie with a divine message from their gods. Can be a shadow, ghost, seeing something stand out many things can appear to you as an omen. Two types of divinatory sign, or omen, were recognized in ancient history: the most important was that deliberately watched for, such as lightning, thunder, flights & cries of birds, or the pecking behaviour of sacred chickens; of less moment was that which occurred casually, such as the unexpected appearance of animals sacred to the gods—the bear (Artemis), wolf (Apollo), eagle (Zeus), serpent (Asclepius), & owl (Minerva), for instance—or such other mundane signs as the accidental spilling of salt, sneezing, stumbling, or the creaking of furniture. The prophetic art is age-old; the practice of augury is well substantiated in the Bible. The great book Cicero’s De divinatione. This type of OMEN Reading was already a millennium old in the time of Classical Greece: in the fourteenth-century BC diplomatic correspondence preserved in Egypt called the "Amarna correspondence". The practice was familiar to the king of Alasia in Cyprus who needed an 'eagle diviner' to be sent from Egypt. This earlier, indigenous practice of divining by bird signs, familiar in the figure of Calchas, the bird-diviner to Agamemnon, who led the army (Iliad I.69). One of the most famous auspices is the one which is connected with the founding of Rome. Once the founders of Rome, Romulus & Remus, arrived at the Palatine Hill, the two argued over where the exact position of the city should be. Romulus was set on building the city upon the Palatine, but Remus wanted to build the city on the strategic & easily fortified Aventine Hill. The two agreed to settle their argument by testing their abilities as augures & by the will of the gods. Each took a seat on the ground apart from one another, and, according to Plutarch,



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