Chunky Hubei Turquoise Bracelet Pure Unstabilized 9mm Chinese Gemstone Blue Green Pastel Rounds
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Unstabilized Hubei Turquoise Beaded Bracelet This piece contains high grade, smooth, round, excellent luster & polish 9 mm genuine, rare unstabilized Hubei Turquoise beads strung on elastic stretch cord for increased strength & durability. These particular Turquoise beads are clean natural & unstabilized meaning that it is pure Turquoise of the highest grade & without any added components such as resin to strengthen & preserve the Turquoise's original color. Since natural unstabilized Turquoise is porous, grease & oil (skin oil, moisturizers, conditioners, cosmetic products) can change its color & weaken it by seeping into its pores. Untreated, natural Turquoise of the highest quality have a higher level of hardness & are more resistant to color changes but are certainly not immune. With aging, natural unstabilized Turquoises' vibrant blue colors can fade & turn into a greenish color with exposure to light, chemicals & extreme temperature changes. It is possible to have Turquoise that has turned green buffed & restored close to original color with expertise of experienced jewelers. Some wearers & collectors prefer to have pure natural Turquoise because the Turquoise grows & ages with them, building character, showing the marks of life journey & speaking bold & interesting stories all within it. Sizing instructions: Measurement is based on inches. Measure your wrist size by wrapping tape measure or thread around desired area of your wrist & measure against a ruler. This is your actual wrist size. Our size is based on total bead length & NOT actual wrist size. For this reason, we recommend selecting a size that is your wrist size + 1/4" to 1/2" (this will fit snug onto wrist. if you prefer a looser fit, add 3/4" to 1 inch). For bead diameters larger than 10mm, we recommend your wrist size + 3/4" to 1 inch. Please allow for slight blemishes, minor variations & natural flaws. Photos capture color & appearance under natural sunlight & can differ with indoor or artificial light. Please be careful with this piece, as it is unstabilized & therefore delicate. It needs more specialized care for longevity & preservation. Be careful when planning to stack this piece with other stone & metal pieces. Since unstabilized Turquoise is porous it will absorb fluid & chemicals such as oils that can alter its color & composition. [You will receive the same piece depicted in the original photography] This particular Turquoise strand set is a high grade unstabilized limited edition piece. Turquoise is an opaque blue to green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper & aluminum. The color range is incredible & varies from green, greenish blues to sky blue shades. For centuries, Turquoise has been used for jewelry & valuable ornaments & was used by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. The Aztecs mined Turquoise in areas now known as New Mexico, & a significant amount of Turquoise comes from Nevada, Arizona, & California. Turquoise was used as a sacred



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