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An exotic, hand-made Uzbek bread stamp called "chekich", used by Central Asian bakers (learn more below). See how it is used here: - Dimensions: 2.36" (6 cm) in diameter & around 5.31" (13.5 cm) long, or, if the wider option is chosen, 2.75" (7 cm) in diameter & around 5.31" (13.5 cm) long - Condition: brand new - Ships from: Uzbekistan, Central Asia - Estimated shipping times: 2-5 weeks for US & European customers (see Shop policy for other countries) PLEASE NOTE: Since walnut wood is seldom homogenous in texture, the wooden part of your purchase(s) might not look exactly the same as the one(s) pictured, with only slight variations. The pattern design, however, is always as pictured. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THESE BREAD STAMPS SAVE BY BUYING in SETS TESTIMONIALS If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. WHAT IS CHEKICH? If you have ever visited Uzbekistan, you will definitely be familiar with the delicious, freshly baked Uzbek flat bread, recognisable by the elaborate patterns stamped in the centre. The bread is called "Non" or "Lepyoshka," which literally means a flap of bread. These beautiful, often floral inspired, patterns are not just for show, they are actually used by Uzbek bakers to prevent the bread from swelling & being disfigured, ensuring that every single bread looks perfect. Traditional Uzbek bread stamps The patterns are made with a traditional Uzbek bread stamp, locally called a "chekich." This tool is used by every professional baker in Uzbekistan to imprint the gorgeous designs, but it is super simple to use for anyone who wants to make impressive looking flat breads without necessarily being a professional baker. The chekich is by no means limited to flat bread making, it can be used to imprint perfect patterns onto any kind of bread or pastry. It serves as a simple way to ensure that your cookies always turn out even & identical, while looking anything but simple. Helping preserve traditional artisanship By making these unique handcrafted products available to interested bread lovers, we hope to help create interest in traditional Uzbek crafts, such as woodcraft & baking. While so many products today are mass produced from disposable materials, to keep production costs low & profits high, we find it extremely important to help preserve these traditional crafts. The making of nons (the flat bread) & chekich (the bread stamp) have a long standing tradition & is deeply embedded in Uzbek culture. Visit an Uzbek market & you will see endless rows of bread sellers, selling endless variations of bread, each with their own unique pattern printed on them. Every single chekich is one of a kind, because it is hand carved from a unique piece of wood. It has the character of the artisan who made it by hand, as well as its



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