Playhouse & House Bed, 2 in 1 Set, Gift For Kids To Play, Sleep Or Live It. Cool Edition Bedroom Interior
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THE ONLY SET THAT ALLOWS YOU TO BUILD FAIRYTALE HOUSES, CASTLES & HOUSE BEDS WITH YOUR KIDS - STARTING TODAY! Does your toddler like building houses using your pillows, blankets, boxes or chairs? Our award-winning house set is here to help you & your little one build the most EPIC play house OR house bed! All-inclusive indoor playhouse set for kids will allow your little engineer to build & customize the house of his/her dreams & then actually PLAY, LIVE or SLEEP in it! HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: 171 x Double Unit Blocks (7.87x3.94x3.94in) 12 x Single Unit Blocks (3.94x3.94x3.94in) 20 x Triangle Unit Blocks (3.94x3.94x3.94in) 8 x Roof Beams Fabric For Your Rooftop Cover DO YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES THE GIGI BLOKS HOUSE SET UNIQUE? - BUILDING IS INDEED PART OF THE FUN! Unlike all those plastic, wooden or fabric play house sets that come with a boring, ready-made house for your kids, the GIGI Bloks cardboard block playhouse set will put your kids in the middle of all the building action & allow your baby boy/baby girl to become a part of the awesome building fun! Just imagine the huge smile of accomplishment that will be formed on your toddler's face once he/she completes OWN house! They will be super-proud, learn that it takes the effort to build something beautiful & you will be able to cherish this moment forever! & THAT'S NOT ALL! This house set offer you hundreds of building options for the price of one. Build awesome Castles, Forts, Towers, Skyscrapers, Buildings, Hospitals, Police Stations, Stadiums, Robots, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Spaceships, Fire Trucks, Caves, Airplanes, Pyramids, Hotels, Train Stations, Play shops, Play kitchens, Trains, Airports, Ships or anything else you like! & you can customize them too! NO MORE TEARS! You don't have to worry about accidentally destroying your child's awesome REAL-SIZE house, since our giant building bricks feature a SMART INTERLOCKING SYSTEM. Even if your kids bump into their forts, towers or skyscrapers, you can rest assured that their creations will not topple over. No more crying, no more starting over! MOM, DAD! LOOK AT MY BRAND NEW HOUSE BED! Our junior playhouse set will enable your toddler to build his/her own house & play out real-life scenarios in it, which in turn will help nurture a sense of achievement & prepare your child for life's challenges. Meanwhile, the fun DIY building process will help develop: + Spatial Skills & Fine Motor Skills + Creative Problem-Solving Skills + Communication & Collaboration Skills + Hand-Eye Coordination & Basic Engineering Skills + Cognitive Flexibility & Interest in Math & Science + Confidence & Self-Esteem + Imagination, Creativity & Curiosity & all that while building the very OWN HOUSE! WHY MOMS LOVE OUR PLAY HOUSE SET No more messy living rooms, no more house made from blankets, pillows, brooms & your favorite curtains! Now your home will be neatly organized & clean, while your kid will have the most fairytale-like Montessori house bed or epic tower playhouse! WHY



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