Rainbow Kobayashi Fidget Cube - Six Colors, Blue Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
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We created Fidget Universe in an effort to provide you with fidget toys of the highest level of customization & quality. We create the body & hand assemble each model ourselves, so you can pay less for a fidget spinner of a quality you would expect to pay much more for. With fidget spinners & cubes increasing in popularity & competition, we feel proud to invite you to try one of our creations. Each is made with love. All Fidget Universe toys are hand assembled & produced proudly in New Jersey, USA. Item Details:Kobayashi Tactile Fidget CubeColor : Rainbow Great for Every Day Carry (EDC) Listing Details:For one (1) Kobayashi Fidget Cube The original design for this particular version of the fidget cube is credited to markinthebox. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1790624 This is my favorite variation of the Fidget cube; it stimulates my hands the most & I get the most satisfaction ripping through this thing as fast as I can. The motion is very smooth with no interruptions, & I already tested & broke the device in slightly so it is guaranteed smooth. The fat hinges are quite robust, so the cubes really stand up to a lot of "fidgeting." This is the most addictive & therapeutic fidget variation of the fidget cube in my opinion, & it is extremely simple. The full size fits easily in your pocket for on-the-go - fidgeting, & is small enough for most to use one hand. The full size is approximately 40 mm x 81 mm x 20 mm in its flat extended state. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The large model is for two hands. This one makes an excellent fourth of July gift for all ages. Due to the nature of production, imperfections are inherent. Please do not worry if you see slight variations. 100% satisfaction guarantee, 100% replacement policy on all parts within 30 days. We can also create spinners of many different shapes & styles with customization, feel free to ask for any variable preferred color, shape, or model. We love to accommodate special requests. We have a new website @ fidgetuniverseus.com. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which can be swallowed. Rainbow Kobayashi Fidget Cube - Six Colors, Blue Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green



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