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Flesh Vanishing Cream Original Recipe Large jar: Holds 3oz Regular Size: Holds 2oz Sample Size: 1/8 oz Recyclable Plastic Jar Scented: Natural Bulgarian Rose Healing & Soothing Especially For Use Before Applying Powder Most of us don’t know what Vanishing Cream is, so let's start there. Vanishing Cream is so-called because it "vanishes" into the skin. It also is touted to "vanish" skin discoloration, & acne as well as moisturize the skin. But the main attribute associated with Vanishing Cream is for making a protective layer against your skin & the makeup you are applying. This is meant to protect the skin. So apply this first, rub it in- then apply your makeup. We are super excited about this recipe because, not only have you been asking for a "vanishing cream" for a very long time, but it also really bridges the gap for us when thinking about how historical cosmetics & skincare changed throughout history to get us where we are now. Previously, we had salves & pomatums for the skin to take away spots & moisturize… then we had cold creams which were excellent for taking off makeup, moisturizing, & sleeping in… but something happens in the 1920s & 1930s as we move closer to mass production & chemicals coming into our lives. By the 1920’s they were starting to figure out that different skin types existed, from normal, to oily, & even dry…. This fueled a whole new jump into the idea of skincare for specific skin types. When Vanishing Creams were introduced, they really hit the cold cream companies hard causing cold creams to reformulate their recipes which is one reason you see the "New" type of cold cream for the 1930s in our shop. Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/514959054/1930s-cold-cream-clay-cleansing-mask?ref=shop_home_active_6 Not only were these new vanishing creams crazy popular- they were also made with "new" ingredients. So let's go over the ingredients- because they are a little different. Before you get all nervous because of the names lets break it down for you.. These ingredients aren’t as scary as one would think… different than what commonly see in the shop.. but not scary. Please Note: The product is an all-natural product so batches may vary a bit & some settling may occur during travel. The heat will affect the fluffiness & consistency of the whipped product, but not the actual product itself. Visual changes may occur with temperature changes so if it is a little flaky that is ok. It will not affect its potency. About The Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate - If you know what Sodium Bicarbonate is ( Baking Soda invented in 1846) then you can easily understand sodium carbonate.. It’s taking the backing soda & heating it so the carbon dioxide & water are released, leaving what historically we would call "soda ash" This can help adjust your PH levels, & acts as a cleaning agent for the skin, helping to tighten pores & absorb excess oil. This ingredient is actually found in many many products you use every day,



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