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When we lose a beloved pet, creating a joyful memorial is one way to help heal our grief. I always feel that it's a great privilege to create an Old World Pet Portrait that will serve as a reminder of the cherished place the pet held in the family. If you're interested in exploring the idea of commissioning a portrait, you should start a conversation with me before ordering. But to help you get a better idea of the process, here's how it works. 1. PHOTOGRAPHS. First, I'll need some good images of your pet. Since it's not possible to take more photos, we'll see if we can create a beautiful piece of art with what you have. If I feel I can't create a good likeness, I will let you know, & will suggest that you find another way to memorialize your pet. It just wouldn't be right to paint a portrait if it doesn't seem like I'll be able to capture their likeness. 2) HISTORICAL REFERENCE. Next, we will work together to select an historical portrait to use as a reference. You can start thinking about this by looking through the images in my Etsy Shop for paintings or characteristic you like. I also have lots of historical paintings I've gathered; once I know a general idea of what you're looking for, I can send you links to more images to choose from. You'll have a big say in what your pet will wear in the portrait, but I will add my input so the end result is a fabulous portrait.... Now that I've been doing this for a while, I think I can say I'm a bit of an expert at painting elegantly dressed critters! 3) SKETCH. After we have pet photos & an historical reference painting, it'll be time for me to create a pencil sketch. This is also time for you to officially order & pay for the painting. After payment, I'll send you an image of the sketch for approval. The sketch phase is a time when adjustments can be made without much difficulty... though we will be sticking to the photo & historical painting already selected. 4) PAINTING. Once the sketch is approved, it'll be time to confirm colors. It's not difficult to change the colors & values of the original painting, & sometimes, it's a good idea to do that to make sure the animal is a prominent feature in the painting. Once these decisions are made, I'll start the painting. When the painting is complete, I will send another image to make sure that I've captured your pet's likeness accurately. At this point, small adjustments can still be made if any fine-tuning is necessary. After approval, the painting will need to dry for two weeks. Then I'll put several coats of varnish on it. When that dries, it'll be ready to send to you. There are a few additional points I'd like to mention here. Some folks have ideas about portraits that aren't quite what I do, or that I can't envision well enough to do the idea justice. It's for this reason that I like to make sure my clients & I are on the same page about the portrait concept before I ask for payment. I like to think that there's no harm done if either party decides



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