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Healing Mojo bags: Contains Star Anise, which has long been used in Healing & Offering blends, is used for good luck, & to draw in the aid of friendly spirits, & is metaphysically associated with Healing ritual energies, & others such as Milk Vetch, Hibiscus, or Bitter Melon (not pictured) which has long been used in Chinese Medicine & different traditions of Mojo for its powerful healing. Message me & tell me what you're looking to heal, & I can fine tune it for you personally, if not, contents will be chosen by instinct. Also contains stones chosen on a per-person basis such as kyanite, carnelian, moss agate, rose quartz, quartz, yellow opal, and/or other stone chips associated with Healing, & my own hand made Healing blend, which acts like an aromatherapy & can be smelled through the bag. The bag itself is a pretty light blue, a color associated with Healing, the element of Water, & cleansing energies. Want dark blue instead, or green? Use the drop down menu. Comes with various Healing charms tied on the front, you could get spiral hands, spiral hearts, & more! Each one is hand made to order, & one of a kind. You can decide if you want a cord to wear it as a necklace, or hang it! Just let me know with the dropdown menu. Comes with instructions for a Healing ritual. Hand made to order by Moon Hunter. ©2017 Moon Hunter Mojo by Moon Hunter Magick, all rights reserved. Photo shows an example, as these are hand made to order, no two will appear exactly the same. Photo shows example of the hand dried roots like ones you will find in your bag, no two will look exactly the same. This edition will be available only as long as supplies last. More Moon Hunter Mojo intentions will soon be available, stay tuned! :) in accordance with etsy policy, mojo bags are for entertainment purposes only. Seller makes no claims that this item has supernatural powers, it is a curio item only. All of my handmade ritual supplies contain my own hand blended formulas. I've created my own blends from my decades of experience on my spiritual path, & blend them in a mortar & pestle on the appropriate day for planetary energy. The herbs are fresh & fragrant, & of the highest quality. These are not cheap mixes that you can order out of some catalog, these are not low quality, stale herbs that have been processed by a machine. When you order my blends, you are getting my absolute best. I use the best quality ingredients, & create healthful, eco-conscious ritual supplies for practitioners from many paths. Please note you're buying tools for your own workings, not results. DO NOT INGEST! Moon Hunter Magick ships in discreet envelopes, with no indication of the contents beyond what is required by customs for international shipments. The business name is not on the package, we respect your right to privacy. Healing Mojo Bag Moon Hunter Hand Made



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