star Trek Cricket Phaser Prop Electronics Upgrade Kit New Design
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NEW CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN! Here is a limited opportunity for you to upgrade your Cricket Phaser prop replica with state of the art electronics. If you have purchased one of those beautiful Cricket Phaser body kits from Stapleton Productions (on Facebook) then you have probably been wondering what it would be like to have the same lights & sounds as the real phaser used in the shows (Star Trek: The Next Generation, DS9, & Voyager). Well, here is your chance to upgrade your kit with a full set of working electronics. It will turn your 24th century phaser into a true "hero" replica! & now we have made it even easier for you by creating a full build & electronics installation video on YouTube (Thanks to FlankerTanker!) Go to "You could not get closer to the real thing unless you beamed yourself into the 24th century." This electronics upgrade was specifically designed for the Stapleton Cricket Phaser body kits. It will add authentic sounds & lights to your phaser & it will act & feel like the real thing. The LED Power Meter is identical to the real hero prop used in many of the Trek TV shows. This electronics kit comes equipped with all of the electronics you need. It is all very simple to install; in fact, it is probably one of the easiest phasers to upgrade. If your phaser is still in kit form & needs to be assembled you can install the electronics as you build the phaser. I have redesigned these phaser electronics to run & sound just like the real thing. The sounds have now been improved with two pulsed firing modes & one continuous firing mode. Yes, that is correct, a continuous firing sound is available on the high power level setting. Now you can hold the trigger down & the phaser will continue to fire. (The previous version did not offer this feature.) There is also a new enhanced overload setting & you can interrupt the overload sequence by pressing the up & down buttons together. There is no special wiring arrangement & the only soldering to be done is connecting the battery holder (which is now supplied with the Stapleton kit). Watch the YouTube video below to see how to build the Cricket phaser & install the electronics. SPECIAL NOTE: This phaser is now as screen accurate as I can make it. The previous versions all had 8 power levels in the LED display. But after seeing an actual screen-used hero Cricket & consulting with a professional Hollywood prop builder, I found out that the display should have 10 power level settings. So I redesigned the circuit with 10 LEDs in the display. Completely assembled phasers like these can cost you hundreds of dollars, but you can save a lot by building it yourself. Nobody else has an electronics kit for this phaser for any price. Nobody. So here are the features of these new enhanced electronics: Fully assembled circuit board, ready to install into your Stapleton Cricket Phaser body kit. Screen accurate 10-LED Power level meter. Separate UP & DOWN control



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