star Trek Mark Vii Science Tricorder Prop Electronics Upgrade Kit
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Designed & hand assembled by GMProps (no cheap imitations). This is an opportunity to upgrade your Mark VII Science tricorder prop replica with state of the art electronics. If you have purchased one of the beautiful Tricorder body kits from Stapleton Productions or then you have probably been wondering what it would be like to have the same lights & sounds as the real tricorder used in the show. Well, here is your chance to upgrade your kit with a full set of working electronics. It will turn your 24th century tricorder into a true "hero" replica! This is identical to the tricorder that was used on many episodes of Next Generation, DS9, & the Voyager television series. You could not get closer to the real thing unless you beamed yourself into the 24th century. This electronics upgrade was specifically designed for the Stapleton Mark VII Science tricorder body kits, but it also works very well in the Roddenberry body kit (in fact, these are the same electronics Roddenberry used to sell on their store website several years ago, made by me). The electronics will add authentic sounds & lights to your tricorder & it will act & feel like the real thing. The LED configurations are identical to those used on the real hero props. This kit comes equipped with all of the electronics you need. They are very simple to install. If your tricorder is still in kit form & needs to be assembled then you can install the electronics as you build the tricorder. I have designed the tricorder electronics to run & sound just like the real thing. Each board can be powered independently from the others; there is no special wiring arrangement; the only soldering to be done is connecting each board to the battery system (included). UPDATED BOARDS: A new enhanced lighting system for the viewscreen slide has been added (Not just a cheap single LED like other sellers offer). As well, a button board is included which gives you 2 extra sounds plus a mute switch (extra sounds include medical flat-line & anomaly detection). The rechargeable battery has now been upgraded to a higher capacity battery for extra life. Plus, a new smaller switch bank has been added to allow you to configure the direction & pattern of the Alpha to Gamma lights. Fully assembled tricorders like these can cost you up to $1500 dollars or more, but you can save a lot by building it yourself. Nobody else has an electronics kit for this price anywhere. Nobody. So this is what you get with this auction: Five fully assembled circuit boards, ready to install into your Mark VII Science tricorder body kit. Reed switch for activating the power when the door is opened. A second reed switch & magnet to trigger the closing ratchet sound. Button board for placing behind the F1/F2, I, & E graphic decals for 2 extra sounds & a mute function (easy to install). Switch bank to control the direction & pattern of the Alpha to Gamma LEDs; plus a small trim resistor for controlling the speed of these LEDs.



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