Sea Buckthorn Leaf 8Oz | 227G Organic Dried Bulk Herb, Hippophae Rhamnoides Folia /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/
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ORGANIC Dried SEA BUCKTHORN LEAF CUT ( Hippophae rhamnoides ). Modern medicine now tends to use the active ingredients of plants rather than the whole plants. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF QUANTITY DISCOUNT: SHOP LINK : Weight: 2oz(57g) : 6.37$ Weight: 4oz(113g) : 10.74$ Weight: 1lb(454g) : 26.96$ Weight: 2lb(907g) : 43.92$ Weight: 4lb(1814g) : 73.84$ Listing Item Weight: 8oz (227g) Botanical name: Hippophae rhamnoides Common Names: Common self-heal or Heal-all Habitat: Heal-all is a perennial herb found throughout Europe, Asia & North America, as well as most temperate climates. Its origin seems to be European, though it has been documented in other countries since before any history of travel. in the Republic of Ireland it is currently abundant in the west in the counties Galway & Clare, the southwest in Kerry, the south coast, & is also found around the central basin of Ireland. It is often found growing in moist areas, waste ground, grassland, woodland edges, & usually in basic & neutral soils. Plant Description:Prunella vulgaris grows 5 to 30 cm high(2-12inches), with creeping, self-rooting, tough, square, reddish stems branching at leaf axis. The leaves are lance shaped, serrated, & reddish at tip, about 2.5 cm (1 inch) long & 1.5 cm (half an inch) broad, & growing in opposite pairs down the square stem.Each leaf has 3-7 veins that shoot off of the middle vein to the margin. The stalks of the leaves are generally short, but can be up to 5 cm (2 inches) long. The flowers grow from a clublike, somewhat square, whirled cluster; immediately below this club are a pair of stalkless leaves standing out on either side like a collar. Flowers are two lipped & tubular. The top lip is a purple hood, & the bottom lip is often white; it has three lobes with the middle lobe being larger & fringed upwardly. Flowers bloom at different times depending on climate & other conditions, but mostly in summer (from June to August in the USA). Self-heal propagates both by seed & vegetatively by creeping stems that root at the nodes. Plant Part Used:The aerial part Country of origin : BULGARIA Helpful information for herbal use & Safety Statement can be found here: Our mission is to offer High-quality Organic Herbs & Spices at a fair price in customer-friendly quantities. Thanks to all our loyal & valued ETSY customers! We are committed to your full satisfaction! Please feel free to contact us with any comments. Sea Buckthorn Leaf 8Oz | 227G Organic Dried Bulk Herb, Hippophae Rhamnoides Folia /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/



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