Frankincense Neglecta-Thurimel. Somalia-Boswellia Neglecta "Light" A Sweet Resin For Incense, Salves & Medicated Oils
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Boswellia neglecta Thurimel - Somalia, Co-op harvested. "Frankincense Neglecta Light". This shipment of "Light" Boswellia neglecta from Somalia is beautifully fragrant with a warm Amber Frankincense heart & notes of honey & black pepper. It is more vivid, fruity & citrusy than the Kenyan Frankincense Neglecta Thurimel. It dissolves & pools on the coal with no charred fragrance as is the case with most Frankincense & Myrrh types. It also dissolves easily in warm carrier oils, waxes & alcohol for the formulation of moustache waxes, cremes, salves, lotions & tinctures. This is a type of aromatic resin that is not often seen in commerce. The classic types of Frankincense appear in the form of tears. The crystalline "Thurimels" or Honey type resins are traded locally & are traditionally used in ritual & medicine among the African harvester communities. Diversifying the trade in resins gives harvesters & their communities a broader income base & a safety net in case the mainstream Frankincense & myrrh trees cannot be saved from their current decline. They are dying off, around the world, at an alarming rate from both environmental stresses & human folly. Often, up to 95% of their yearly income is generated from the collection & sale of these aromatic resins. Olibanum & Thurimel Our familiar Frankincense types are oleo-gum-resins & contain varying proportions of water-soluble gum. This combination of gum & oleoresin exudes from the tree as a white emulsion which gives Frankincense its traditional names - Luban in Arabic & Levonah in Hebrew, both based on the Semitic root word "White", לבן. The latin name for Frankincense, Olibanum & Oleum Liban in ancient Greek are both derivatives of this word. After thousands of years, we have come to associate all Frankincense species with this white exudate. Surprisingly, Boswellia neglecta is an oleoresin with no water-soluble gum. It appears as clear golden droplets & thus, is not an Olibanum or Luban. Not only does this "Light" B. neglecta differ from other Frankincense resins in colour & composition, but the honey-coloured "Light" resin contrasts radically with the granular aromatic black resin produced alongside it on the very same tree which is commonly sold as Boswellia neglecta resin. Confused yet? For these reasons, I felt we needed a good name for the amber resin of Boswellia neglecta. It sounded grammatically grating & irritatingly unimaginative to call it "Neglecta Light" in the shop. So, for the sake of clarity, linguistic aesthetics, & to more easily differentiate the "light from the dark, I have dubbed the resin formerly known as Boswellia neglecta "Light" - Boswellia neglecta Thurimel. "Thurimel" means Frankincense Honey in Latin. I was considering the other Latin version, Tus melle, but that was too smelly. The scent of this Frankincense neglecta Thurimel from Somalia is more intense than the Kenyan variety. Though both share the same Amber Frankincense heart couched in sweet honey & soft musk,



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