3lbs Natural Herbal Soap, 3 Pounds Your Choice - Organic, Handmade Cold Processed Soap, & Essential Oils
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NATURAL HERBAL SOAP: 12 bars (approx. 3lbs) Buy by the pound & save $6 (that's 1 bar free). Leave a note with your order (after you put them in your cart) telling me which 12 soaps you would like me to include in your 3 pounds. ExCLUDES: Shampoo Bars, Anti Aging, & Salt Bars CHOICES VARY DEPENDING ON WHAT IS in STOCK: Lavender Patchouli Charcoal Acne Detox Cinnamon Oat & Honey Energizing Peppermint & Basil Cocoa Mint Bentonite Clay Thieves Lavender/Lemongrass Rose Lemon Balm Frankincense & Myrrh Cedar wood & Fir Pumpkin Spice Candy Cane All soaps are hand-cut & 100%natural. Made with coconut, olive oils, & other natural & skin nourishing oils. For hand, face, & body. No detergents, dyes, or artificial fragrances Handmade in Pennsylvania All Natural ingredients Cold Processed Luxurious! Scented with 100% natural, pure essential oils. INGREDIENT LIST: Coconut Oil, Tallow, Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Essential Oils WHY COLD PROCESSED: Most of today's soaps have natural glycerin removed, only to be placed in lotions & marketed for people as a necessity after skin is stripped of its natural oils. Cold processed soaps are all glycerin soaps (the saponification process produces glycerin), & provide other natural oils for the skin. You cleanse, while nurturing. HOW IT'S MADE: Cold Processed soaps are made in a traditional method that produces & natural & gentle soap. Oils are combines with a lye water mixture so that the oil & lye molecules can combine to make something new: soap! I make all of my soaps with at least a 5% superfat content. This means that 5% or more of the luxurious oils that I add are left in the soap to nourish your skin & 0% of lye. The end result is a creamy lather, beautiful bubbles, & a pure soap that will nourish your skin whether you have oily skin, dry, skin, or suffer from acne or eczema. GET THE LATEST COUPONS 3lbs Natural Herbal Soap, 3 Pounds Your Choice - Organic, Handmade Cold Processed Soap, & Essential Oils



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