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There are a hundred lotion bars out there, but did you ever notice that so, so, so many of them look the same? Either a plain round bar or maybe a heart? That's why I'm introducing a line of lotion bars that will match your interests & personality, the way so many soaps & bath bombs do! This is a solid lotion bar weighing about two & a half ounces. Why solid? Because then there's no plastic bottle to recycle & no pesky last-little-bit-on-the-bottom that won't come out. Because it won't spill in your purse or backpack or luggage. Because the TSA (or whatever your local airport authorities are called) won't make you take it out of your bag. But most importantly because it works as well, if not better than the stuff in bottles full of odd, pronounceable chemicals. If you have rough elbows or knees or feet, these bars are awesome. I keep one next to my soap bar on my sink. After I wash my hands I rub my hands with the lotion bar to soften them up. I keep another next to my bed for quick mess-free application whenever my skin gets dry or itchy. To use these bars you can just rub them directly on your skin. The heat of your skin will cause just the right amount of lotion to melt & soak into your skin. Or you can rub the bar between your hands & apply it from your hands to wherever you have dry, itchy skin. These are fantastic gifts for teachers, hair stylists, dog walkers/pet sitters, crafters, postal workers, people who love outdoor work, teens, tweens, kids & anyone who wants to have softer skin & smell great! With only four ingredients (five if you choose to add fragrance oil), these are great for people with sensitive skin. The only ingredients in these bars are: Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & fragrance oil if you choose. They carry fragrance wonderfully & leave you smelling fantastic. Because the lotion bar is heat sensitive, I suggest you keep it in the plastic resealable bag it comes in or a tin & away from heat sources. (Though if it does melt, you can just pour it in an ice cube tray & leave it on the table until it firms back up.) My regular scent line contains more than the 70 options allowable in the Etsy menus, so if you'd like an option not listed in the menu simply select 'custom' & enter the fragrance/s you'd like in your notes to seller. You can choose from: Unscented Absinthe Almond biscotti Apricot freesia Baby Powder Bacon Banana Banana Nut Bread Birthday Cake Black cherry Blue skies Blueberry Bonfire Bubble gum Buttered Popcorn Candy Corn Candy Crush Champaign Chipotle caramel Chocolate Chocolate chip cookies Chocolate Covered Strawberries Clementine cupcake Coconut Coffee Cola Cool Water (type) Cotton Candy Cucumber melon Duck farts Eucalyptus Froot Loops Fudge brownie Gain (like the laundry soap) Grape Grapefruit Grass Stain Green apple Green Tea Gummi Bear Hazelnut Hazelnut Latte Honey almond Honey lemon Honeydew melon Honeysuckle Hot chocolate Kiwi Lavender Lemon cake Lemonade Lilac Lime Mango



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