The Walking Crab Mix | Hermit Food
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They are the Walking Crabs.....and they are hungry. This hermit crab food falls under the categories of terrestrial plant litter/detritus, aquatic plant litter, fruits & seeds, small invertebrates, & "etc.". This mix hits all parts of a land hermit crab's diet but please make or buy other foods to provide them with variety. This mix is named after our newest adoptees! Rick, Daryl, Coral, Negan, Carol, Rosita, Eugene, & Abraham. They also live in a 75-gallon tank themed after the show The Walking Dead. Ingredients - Walnuts, leaf litter, dashi kombu, seaweed, smelt, & sesame seeds. Size - Comes in small, medium, large, & extra-large bags. Feeding Instructions - Scoop or shake contents into a feeding bowl. Wait & watch them chow down. Safe For - Hermit Crabs The Walking Crab Mix | Hermit Food



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