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Hair relaxer is a chemically based cream or lotion that has been used to tame curly & frizzy locks. It is usually applied by professionals in a salon. Although the desired effect is often achieved with chemical relaxers, this method brings about a lot of side-effects. The hassle of spending time in a salon & the costs involved makes salon treatments troublesome. At home kits with chemical relaxers also come with very strict instructions about time allotted for the chemical to stay on the hair. Not following the instructions can often cause irreversible unwanted effects. This is why using a natural hair relaxer is best. Harsh chemicals found in usual hair relaxers often cause burning on the scalp when left for a longer time than indicated in the instructions. It will start with a burn on the scalp that will become a scab & eventually leave that area with an ugly bald spot. Some experience hair thinning at first then leads to permanent baldness. Using chemical relaxers is the worst thing anyone could do to their hair, this is a long-term damage that could be caused. Other known side-effects of using chemicals may include stunned hair growth. Luckily, Ancient Hair Secrets has introduced a natural hair relaxer. Made with all natural ingredients, this offers a hassle & worry-free experience. With our natural hair relaxer, there is absolutely no side effects due to the fact that our product only has natural ingredients. Hair will never become over-processed & the scalp will never be damaged. You will enjoy not having to look at the clock to check your hair every few minutes just to make sure they won’t experience extensive damage. The scalp will stay safe from pain, discomfort & burning. Our natural hair relaxer also has a great scent unlike the odor that is be found in chemical relaxers. People who have used chemical relaxers usually leave salons with a strong pungent odor from the chemicals used. Side-effects of these harmful chemicals may also include leaving the hair dry & damaged. Constant use of conditioners & hot-oil treatments is often required for those who have undergone hair relaxing with harsh chemicals. Not doing so will leave hair frizzy & hard to manage. On the other hand, the results achieved with natural hair relaxer has been proven healthier for the hair. Products made from natural ingredients guarantee a safer result. The ingredients used will leave hair moisturized & smooth. This product can also be used more often as it has no side-effects. Harsh chemicals often damage the outer layer of the hair & the hair shaft. With this happening, strands tend to split & leave uneven lengths. Some end up having their hair trimmed just to get rid of these unwanted split-ends. Naturally made hair relaxer also gives people the benefit of being able to style their hair without the fear of it going back to its curly ways or damaging it. Since this product is all natural, everyone can wear their hair curly or straight depending on the style they



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