Compass Rose House Decoration, Star, Aquamarine Decortiles, Nautical Wall Art Decor, Aquamarine Mural
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Compass Rose House Decoration, Compass Star,Aquamarine Decortiles, Nautical Compass Rose Wall Art Decor, Aquamarine Wall Decor, Wall Mural Please make sure to choose the right dimension, (see HOW TO ORDER below): -Details & Size W x H Width x Height composed on 8" tiles 15,7" x 15,7" | 40cm x 40cm (consists of 4 tiles) 23,6" x 23,6" | 60cm x 60cm (consists of 9 tiles) 31,5" x 31,5" | 80cm x 80cm (consists of 16 tiles) 39,3" x 39,3"| 100cm x 100cm (consists of 25 tiles) 47,2"x 47,2" | 120cm x 120cm (consists of 36 tiles) Width x Height composed on 6" tiles 17,7" x 17,7" | 45cm x 45cm (consists of 9 tiles) 29,5" x 29,5" | 75cm x 75cm (consists of 25 tiles) 35,4" x 35,4" | 90cm x 90cm (consists of 36 tiles) 41,3" x 41,3" | 105cm x 105cm (consists of 49 tiles) Our tile murals can be used as unique & colorful accents for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms walls, benches, floor applications, pools, showers, fountain wall backgrounds , fireplaces tops & faces, table top, countertops, outdoor BBQs, house entrance wall decor, address numbers, hospitality & retail projects. The artwork is hand drawn onto the tiles with a soft pencil & then hand painted. These Tiles are fired at a very high temperature to ensure the highest quality & durability which makes our tiles suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications they are waterproof & can withstand all weather elements. After decorating it, each piece is baked once again at costant temperature between 920/950 degrees Celsius for about 10 hours where the colors are sealed in permanently, they will not fade or wash away making your art incredibly durable. Once colors reach their maturity level the kiln is brought back down to room temperature for unloading. The paint we use is water resistant, heat resistant, & washable with any type of soap or detergent. These tiles are shipped to you ready to be incorporated into a field tile installation in the same way as a traditional generic tile. Each tile is numbered on the back in order to assemble in a easier way the entire mural in the designated spot. These tiles are shipping from Naples, Italy & are carefully wrapped & shipped. Now it's time to enjoy your hand painted Italian art from Ceramiche Di Italia. Please see below for a list of questions commonly asked by our customers Compass Rose House Decoration, Star, Aquamarine Decortiles, Nautical Wall Art Decor, Aquamarine Mural



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