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Mint Wedding, Ombre Wedding, Wedding Guest Book Alternative Map, Wedding Centerpiece, Ombre Wedding, Guest Book Signin, Guestbook Alternative, Wedding Poster, Custom Wedding Gift, couples gift, mint green wedding ============================================================ Enjoy our newest Ombre Map design with a sweet flower by your names. This map can be customized to display any countries or states you would like joined by a sweet dotted line heart or no line if you prefer. All parts of this map can be customized ( special locations, colors, names/dates, quotes ). ============================================================ TO ORDER ::::::::::::: When checking out, copy & paste the questions below along with your answers, into the NOTE TO SELLER box: 1) Specify which states/countries or provinces/territories you need highlighted 2) If you would like small hearts, stars or dots shown over a particular area, please list the cities 3) If you would like the drawn dashed line heart in the design connecting the countries If you need the heart line connecting multiple places in a specific order please let us know 4) Would you like to include border lines between the countries & states 5) Specify from the custom color chart, which colors you would like used in the design - (feel free to request the same colors used in any of our sample listings) - for the highlighted countries or states - for the continents - background color - text color 6) List any other information you need in the map (Names, dates, quotes, etc) 7) If you would like to change the lettering style shown in the sample, let us know which style you prefer from our Lettering Chart 8) If you plan on adding a matte to your map when it arrives, we can add extra white around the map design to make it easier for you to attach a matte. An additional fee will be due for all requests for extra paper. Purchase extra paper here: 9) If this item is being shipped directly to the recipient, a free gift card can be included in the package. Please state your personal message here for the gift card. ExTRA LOCATIONS :::::::::: Your first 20 locations are included in the map price. After 20 locations, it is a $1 for each location after. Also add this listing to your checkout if you have over 20 locations to feature: . Enter the quantity over 20 locations when purchasing this listing. (ex: if you need 35 locations highlighted, purchase a quantity of 15 with this listing ) ============================================================ ExTRA FEATURES ::::::::::::: We offer some 'extra' features that can be added on to your map order. Purchase these items in our ADD ON's GALLERY here: . 1) Add reflective Metallic gold or silver highlights on your map, such as on your names & locations 2) Custom drawn icons or illustrations 3) Purchase an extra swatch of paper or canvas so you can test pens 4) Add extra paper around your map



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