56Th Birthday Gift 1966 Irish Penny, Ireland Penny Coin Necklace On A Waxed Cord, Coins Direct From
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56th Birthday gift 1966 Irish Penny Coin on a black waxed cord. Mens Birthday Gift, Ireland Penny Coin Necklace, coins direct from Ireland Vintage circulated coins from an Irish Kitchen Dresser. I have collected coins all my life & now I find that it's time to re-purpose them. I have got 6 of these - see Dates available They feature the Hen & Chicks on the obverse & the Irish Harp with the mint date on the reverse. I have fitted a black waxed nylon lace with an adjustable tie to this coin. It ships in it's own cute little silver box as shown in the final photo. For a gift choose a Birth Year or just any Genuine Piece of Irish History. The Tree of Life I do have my own personal interpretation of the 'Tree of Life' & what it represents to every culture on earth - growing up on a farm in the Irish Midlands I remember seeing my Dad'reclaiming' 3 small fields which he had newly acquired in Glenaward,. Covered in Gorse, they were totally cleared, except for the fort in one section & the 'lone tree' almost in the middle of what became one huge fertile field of tillage. No way was the 'lone tree' going to be touched & various stories & legends were recounted about what had surely befallen those who ignored or disrespected the 'little folk'. As recently as 1999 a motorway was rerouted in Co Clare to avoid such a disruption to a 'fairy tree' Coins available will vary slightly with year, because they are old, & Irish. Returns accepted. See more here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageIrishDresser?section_id=16686764&ref=shopsection_leftnav_8 The Harp The Gaelic Harp features on the reverse of Irish coins to this day. The Harp has been revered in Irish culture since Henry V111 declared himself King of Ireland in 1531 when he had the Harp stamped on to the coinage of his "new realm" At the end of the medieval period in our history because it was a symbol of Irish Pride it was banned from use. Revived for it's music in the mid 1700's the Harp crept back into Irish music & symbolism. The Wexford Insurgents in 1798 depicted the Harp on their flags as they fought at Vinegar Hill. The oldest surviving Harp, from 1500, is on display in Trinity College, Dublin. in 1862 it appeared as the Emblem for Guinness Brewery & later, facing the opposite way, in 1922 it became the official Irish Seal. We are very proud of it! 56Th Birthday Gift 1966 Irish Penny, Ireland Penny Coin Necklace On A Waxed Cord, Coins Direct From



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