Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Set-Religious-Unity Ceremony-Sand-Set-Bride & Groom-Wedding-Mark 109-Faith-Marriage-Commitment-Tpuwus1
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Sets are made with permanent ink. This style holds 5 lbs of sand & when including sand you'll receive a half lb per person pouring. I provide links for extra sand, additional pouring jars & rush order options all below. "What God has joined together, let no one separate" Mark 10:9 Marriage was designed by God & what a great scripture to have on your customized ceremony set. An original design from The PICKED this beautiful sand ceremony set will not only be lovely at your wedding, but it will remind you of the love & commitment you made to one another for a lifetime. The sharing glass comes with a plug allowing you to seal up quickly & take your ceremony creation home to display. Shared Container Height: 7.5" Length: 3 " Width: 7.5" Holds 5 lbs of sand when full includes a lid Pouring Glasses Height: 7.5" Width: 1.5" Holds 9 oz of sand This style can be added to the following shadow box. This listing is for the set. However, everything can be purchased separately. Please see all provided links below ►►Looking to purchase the shared jar refer to the following link ►►Looking for pouring glasses please refer to the following link ►►Looking for sand please refer to the following link Want to see a proof before creation? No problem, refer to the following link ORDERING Each option includes the shared share (big jar). 'Bride & Groom' only means that you will receive 2 pouring jars along with the shared jar. If you select +1, +2 etc. you are receiving additional jars. Please state when ordering if one of those is a 'Christ' jar & you'll receive one with the cross & rings. Christ Jar options NOTE ►Default word color is black ►►I copy the information given so please check the spelling, & the date you provide It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide all necessary information to have their order created. Provide the date the way you wish to have it on your set. Written out in spelling (January), or just the numbers (1 or 01), or if you wish to have 'est.' (est. January or est. 1.1.1111). ►Her name will be first unless you state otherwise Why choose The PICKED? By purchasing from us you allow us to do what we love & work from home to be with our 5 girls. Each sale means that we are helping to add personality & character to your home. We take pride in making each order & make sure we are happy with every piece before we send it out. Every order



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