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Now with Argan oil, Evening Primrose & Borage Seed oil! Made with 15 Amazing oils. Made with High Quality Oils & Healing Organic Herbs, Like Rose oil, Rosehips Oil, Mullein.( - Mullein has an Amazing texture & greatly moisturizing & Healing makes Skin Smooth & Silky. ) Great Anti Aging benefits & Anti Wrinkle Effects. Also Great for - Removing Make Up. Very Hydrating! Oils were infused in house with Organic Herbs! 4oz Size - about 2-3 month Supply. Alcohol free Preservative free Phthalate Free Paraben Free 100% Cruelty Free Rose oil benefits : Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Returnes Skin Elasticity Rosehips Oil Benefits : High in Vitamin C Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Youthful Look Organic Mullein Benefits : 1. Makes Skin Smooth & soft 2. Hydrates skin 3. Cleans skin 4. It protects skin by making an invisible protective layer on skin, thus relieving it from eczema & other disorders. Mullein oil works wonders for treating acne, blackheads & redness of the skin. Why ? Dry Skin - Oil Cleanser (read below) I'm not sure you ever heard about Oil Cleansing...But its the Greatest thing ever ! Actually I've just learned about it myself not as Long ago. I changed a few oils around, also added Organic Herbs & I've created this amazing product. Usual cleanser they tend to strip the skin out of they natural oil balance. Because they are to harsh. Oil Cleansers leave the skin soft & smooth full of hydration & radiance. Skin produces sebum from glands called the sebaceous glands. Sebum is an oily, waxy matter that is crucial to healthy skin. It protects the skin from bacteria & helps maintain a balance of water within the skin. Too much sebum can lead to breakouts, & not enough sebum can cause dry skin. Sometimes, when the skin is stripped of sebum from harsh cleansers, the skin can go into sebum-production overdrive. The excess sebum can lead to whiteheads, blackheads & acne. The idea behind oil cleansing is that it dissolves & washes away the sebum produced naturally by your skin, & replaces it with new "clean" oil. This leaves skin balanced, & does not cause skin to overproduce sebum. How to use: After the oil has been massaged into your skin, wet a washcloth with hot water. Cover your face in the towel for about 30 seconds, & allow the heat & steam to open your pores. Gently use the towel to wipe away the oil. If needed, continue running the towel under hot water to wash away some of the oils. Continue to gently wipe your face with the towel until all the oil cleanser has been removed. At the end, your skin should feel soft & supple, but not oily. Once the oil cleanser is completely removed, dry your skin & continue your skincare routine as normal. Ingredients - Normal & Dry Skin : Organic Rose oil(Infused InHouse), Organic Rosehips oil(Infused InHouse), Castor oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Organic Carrot seed oil, Natural Vitamin E oil, Organic Eucommia Bark oil(Infused InHouse), Organic PrimRose Oil, Organic Mullein oil(Infused InHouse), Organic Cucumber



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