Qing Dynasty Silver Coin One Tael Double Dragons Kuang Hsu 30Th Year | 1904 光绪30年湖北省造双龙大清银币一两满文小字版
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Chinese silver dollar one TAEL Guangxu 30th year Hu-Peh province edition of "smaller character of Manchous" 光绪元宝30年湖北省造"满文小字版"。 standard size 39.5mm & weight 27grams. Very fine condition, light sound by blowing last 2 1/2 second, floating sounding by hitting another coin & last about 3 1/2 seconds. 清代双龙戏珠图案一般用来辟邪-闰年吉祥物图案。1904年5月,龙年龙月甲辰年闰年,五月戊辰月,闰龙年闰龙月。双龙戏珠保太平欲拒还迎,欲取还让,意味光绪皇帝和慈禧太后相争先让,和平相处。 光緒三十年(1904年)湖北省造雙龍 庫平一兩:包括大小字兩種版別,僅發行648,000枚,兩版各別數量不明,但大字版非常的稀少。湖北一兩是按照中國傳統計重單位的銀兩制度進行,而非以圓為單位。原來的計畫也有五錢、二錢及一錢等面值,然而並未出現過,由連樣幣形式的也未見來看,沒有製作過。在實際使用時,民眾發現兩種制度間的兌換十分複雜,尤其是在找零錢的時候。大 英博物館藏有一枚經過切割的湖北一兩,是用來找零的證據。大 英博物館這枚基本上是未流通狀態,被切割一大部份形式如同克力布著《滙豐銀行錢幣集藏》第141頁、圖4.10。湖北一兩流通的時間很短,隨即退出流通。雖然湖北一兩的制額頗多,大多數被回爐溶化改成其他錢幣。有趣的是湖北一兩成色是0.877,與1905年(光緒三十一年)制定一兩銀幣章程時的含銀0.960不符。Description:Large Characters 1904 Double Dragon Tael。CHINA. Hupeh. Tael, Year 30 (1904). NGC AU-58.L&M-181; K-933; Y-128.1; WS-0879. Large characters. Originally 648,000 Hupeh Taels were minted, this includes both large & small character types. It is unknown exactly how many of each were struck; however, it is clear that the large character type is by far the rarer of the two. in the initial proposal to produce these coins, it was also suggested to produce smaller denominations in the values of 5, 2 & 1 Mace. However, no such pieces have surfaced (even in pattern form) & it is unlikely they were ever produced. It is interesting to note that the Hupeh Taels were struck in 0.877 fine silver as opposed to the 0.960 fine silver set forth by the currency regulations of 1905. This short lived series circulated for only a brief period of time & was soon after replaced by the unified Tai Ching Ti Kuo silver coinage. Although the Hupeh Tael coinage has a fairly large mintage, most likely much of this was melted down to be made into later coinage. Sharply struck, medium toning with some green & plum hues. Quite pleasing. Qing Dynasty Silver Coin One Tael Double Dragons Kuang Hsu 30Th Year | 1904 光绪30年湖北省造双龙大清银币一两满文小字版



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