Natural White Shilajit 30Gms | 1.76 Oz in Jar, Purified. Stone Oil, Mumijo, Brakshun, Origin From Altai Mountains Of Russia
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Shipping Via Airpost Authentic Pure White Mumijo (Other Names are White Shilajit, Brakshun, Stone Oil, Chao-Tui,). Place of origin is Altai Mountains (Russia) It is worth noting that the brakshun (white Shilajit) is often confused with the black Shilajit. But in reality, the shilajit & brakshun- it is completely different in composition of natural substances (as opposed to organic & mineral shilajit (mumijo) brakshun is a mineral product does not contain any impurities of organic origin). The similarities between the shilajit & brakshun is perhaps only in the fact that the deposit of these products are mainly concentrated in remote mountainous areas. Until now, scientists can not accurately answer the question - how brakshun (white mumijo) is produced & where it is better to look for. The only thing that is a fact - potassium alum appear in the mountains & they require a high moisture content in the air. Under these conditions, leaching of rock. Typically, this precious substance hidden in deep rock crevices, caves or crevices. You can find it in the Mongolian & Chinese mountains in Russian - in Eastern Siberia, the Altai Mountains, in the Western Sayan. Alum porous brakshun, have the property of readily dissolving in water. The solutions of alcohol obtained bad. It tastes sour brakshun, knits. WARNING: This product supplements & not a medicine. According to the rules of FDA, It is prohibited to write about healing benefits in description of this product. You can find more information on the Internet Chemical composition of the white shilajit white shilajit belongs to the group of alum. It contains a large amount of iron, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, nickel, chromium, vanadium, cobalt, titanium & other trace elements. Currently, the white Mumijo field discovered the stone in Sayan, Altai mountain regions, China & Mongolia. What is the white Mumijo. The difference between the mummy from the white Mumijo. White Mumijo is a potassium alum, containing in its composition, magnesium sulfate & water-soluble salts formed as a result of leaching of rock on the surface of which is formed of hard butter. in nature, brakshun is found in the highlands - in caves, caves or crevices of rocks in the form of amorphous sag, colors which varies depending on the content in a brakshun zinc (in the build-up of brakshun often combined shades of white, gray, red, yellow & brown colors). shelled from the inclusions (fragments of limestone & other rocks) quality white Mumijo , usually a fine powder white-yellow or beige color with sweet & astringent taste. Mineral white Mumijo readily soluble in water & poorly soluble in alcohol, ether or glycerol. Composition of White Shilajit The composition of the brakshun present around the stone 49 necessary for the human body macro- & microelements (including - sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, silicon, chromium, selenium, iodine, cobalt, nickel). Moreover, the mineral



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