Pet Cremation Ashes Ring 925 Sterling Silver Cremation Ashes Dog Cat Horse Memorial Jewelry Pet Bereavement Sz 7
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First of all, my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved animal companion. The heart feels the same depth of emptiness whether it is a human or animal family member that has passed. My prayers go out to you as you work through the journey of special loss. This ring comes in a size 7 only. If you need a larger size, I will be happy to resize it for you. There is a $25 fee to resize. It takes about a week, which is usually the amount of time it takes for me to receive the ashes, so it works out beautifully. This split shank ring is a sweet, solid design that holds the Heaven Stone of your beloved pet. Select the color of mica powder of your choice that will mix with your pet's ashes to make your Heaven Stone just the right color for you. The cremated ashes when set in the ring will resemble shades of the ash with hints of the pretty mica powder color that you have chosen. The colors shown in the photos here are samples only & your ring will have its own tones. Ashes are very individualized in color & when mixed with the mica powders, the reflections of color will vary greatly. So the colors represented in the photos are only samples of possibilities. It's always a sweet surprise with each blending. COLORS ARE APPROxIMATE. Each set of ashes have their own color, & will lend their own unique signature to the color. But I will do my best to get as close as possible to your color choice. PET ASHES ONLY - Unfortunately, Etsy guidelines do not allow us sell our cremation jewelry with human ashes. We proudly stand behind all policies found at If you have any questions please contact Etsy directly. INSTRUCTIONS - PLEASE START HERE 1. As soon as I receive your order, I will email you our address where you will send your ashes. If you have any questions about shipping, please email me here at Etsy or at my email address: chaplainbyland [!at] 2. I will need only about 1/4 teaspoon or so of ashes for this ring. Please measure out a 1/4 teaspoon as closely as possible. The finer ashes are best for the jewelry. 3. Please follow the US Postal Service guidelines for shipping cremated ashes. The US Postal Service is the only agency legally authorized to ship remains (not Fed Ex, not UPS, etc). & if the guidelines are followed, your loved ones ashes will receive the utmost care & protection from the US Postal Service. Here are the instructions for shipping Pet Cremation Ashes Ring 925 Sterling Silver Cremation Ashes Dog Cat Horse Memorial Jewelry Pet Bereavement Sz 7



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