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Lovely to my mom on my wedding day card for mother of the bride gift from daughter or to my dad on my wedding day card from bride or groom. These pretty wedding cards can be given on your wedding day to parents of the bride or parents of the groom. There are several wedding card selections including cards for your mother in law, father in law, sister, brother, daughter, son, stepmom, stepdad, bridesmaid, etc. See below or check dropdown selection for more detail: This can be CUSTOMIZED under "MOM / DAD / IN-LAWS" dropdown or use "personalization" option box: mom- my best friend = "to my mom my best friend, on my wedding day" mom "no subtext" = "to my mom on my wedding day" mom-role model = "to my mom my role model, on my wedding day" mom-my inspiration - "to my mom my inspiration, on my wedding day" MotherInLaw - man " to my mother in law thank you for raising the man of my dreams" MotherInLaw - woman - to my mother in law thank you for raising the woman of my dreams" FatherInLaw - man " to my father in law thank you for raising the man of my dreams" FatherInLaw - woman - to my father in law thank you for raising the woman of my dreams" groom - my love "To my groom my love, on our wedding day" bride - my love "To my bride my love, on our wedding day" parents - role models "To my parents my role models, on my wedding day" parents - "no subtext" "To my parents on my wedding day" parents-inspiration "To my parents my inspiration, on my wedding day" parents-best friends "To my parents my best friends, on my wedding day" The rest such as sister through step-mom will not have subtext by default. If you want subtext, make it a custom request. for custom request, all roles will be in lowercase to keep the nice swirl for front & back letters even if you entered it with upper & lowercase. Exception would be a name, such as "To Michael, our photographer, on our wedding day" or "To Anna, my makeup artist, on my wedding day". If you want to keep a name lowercase also, then write it in lower case for the name. For names, if something doesn't fit right due to descenders such as "y" or "g", I may need to contact you, so make sure to check messages just in case I have questions regarding custom requests. Note that custom request especially with names as the big text, may take longer for processing time, so if you need them quick, make sure to make a note of when it's needed so that I can let you know if it's doable OR get priority & express upgrade during checkout. 4.25 x 5.5 : 105lb White Shimmer Cover stock paper A2 Card Size: 4 1/4"w x 5 1/2"h When Folded, BLANK inside A2 Envelope color choices For Envelopes - If you select shimmer black, shimmer navy, shimmer dark purple - you will likely need a white pen if you want to write on the envelope. CHECK OUT OTHER wedding day cards for parents, siblings, best friends, & don't forget in laws! ALSO PICK UP some wedding signs to decorate your big day!



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