Photo Puzzle 308 Piece 11 X 17
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Both children & adults grow in skill & confidence by starting with the simpler 6 piece puzzles & progressing through the 308 piece puzzles. Remember to keep your images large & simple when working with small children who are just learning to build puzzles or adults who are using puzzles as part of a rehab program. No matter what size you choose, remember that the fewer pieces, the larger the pieces are as you progress through the small, medium & large groups. This is especially important when you are working with children or adults who are working on manual dexterity. Our large puzzles are about the size of a piece of legal paper. This one is the most difficult of this group. Ready to get started? Here's how: 1. Place your order through Etsy. 2. Check your order receipt for details on sending your file(s) to us. 3. If you are sending multiple files, please be careful to provide information within the body of your e-mail that tells us which file is for which size. 4. If you want to add text to a puzzle, make sure we know which puzzle gets the text. Want to play it extra safe? Add your phone number just before you sign the e-mail. That way if we have any questions, we can give you a call. Photo Puzzle 308 Piece 11 X 17



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