St. Augustine 20" Catholic Christian Religious Saint Statues
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- Bishop, Doctor of the Church. - Patron of Conversions, Brewers & Against Vermin. - Feast Day: August 28th. This statue features a magnificent hand painted face & details such as fingernails & eyelashes, exquisite filigree detail on vestments, & gold halo. St. Augustine holds his book of 'Confessions' in one hand & shows his heart with flames, cross & piercing arrow in the other hand. We will also touch your finished statue to 1st class relics of St Augustine & his mother St. Monica (shown in photo). All our statues are made to order & handmade in the USA. Please allow 5-10 weeks for us to make & ship your beautiful statue. O Lord my God, my sole hope, help me to believe & never to cease seeking you. Grant that I may always & ardently seek out your countenance. Give me the strength to seek you, for you help me to find you & you have more & more given me the hope of finding you. Amen. About us Heavenly Saints is a Roman Catholic Lay Apostolate for the Saints inspired by our Blessed Mother Mary, & under her patronage as Our Mother of Good Counsel, together with Saint John Neumann, Saint Rita of Cascia & Saint Damien deVeuster of Molokai. What Sets Heavenly Saints Statues Apart? TECHNIQUE - Hand painted with fine brushes & artist pencils for sharp lines of demarcation, not air brushed with blurred overlapping colors. COLORIZATION -Painted in a wide variety of lovely pastels & soft tones, not harsh primary colors. FACES - Not afraid to show close-up highly detailed photos of tour statues faces. Proprietary painting & finishing techniques in producing stunning life-like faces & eyes. ADORNMENT -Hand makes all of its adornments such as tiny rosary beads, cloth veils, golden halos, flowers, cloth cloaks & more for its statues as appropriate. IMPRINTS - Feast & name of statue imprinted on the base . Veneration includes remembering & honoring the feast day. WORKSHOP - Not mass produced or imported from China, South Korea or Hong Kong. All statues individually hand crafted, painted & adorned in-house at the time of order by our own artisans. ExCLUSIVE - Available only through us, not catalogs or stores. FINISHES - Protected & enhanced with several layers of matte & satin clear coats. PRODUCTION - Cast & embellished on site with sculpting clay & hi-grade plaster. FOCUS - Heavenly Saints only makes religious statues - you'll never see birdbaths, buddahs, gargoyles, gnomes, fountains, etc. INSPIRATION - Statues made during conditions of prayer & fasting in workshop in midst of 750 1st & 2nd class relics. St. Augustine 20" Catholic Christian Religious Saint Statues



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