Trio Of All Natural Body & Home Mists...individually Or As A Set.hmm 4 Oz Ea, Lovely Lavender, Cinnamon Burst Amber, Cassia, Patchoulii
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please note, pictures are included of the products once they have settled. Please give mists a slight shake to mix the ingredients well before spritzing. There are endless reasons to mist, whether it be as an aromatic break from the day, as a way to make your head hitting the pillow a bit more soothing...or as a way to scent your car, your clothes, or guest towels! This set began as a valued customers way to bring a room full of yogis together with lovely aromatherapy, but you should use these mists in any eay you love! ust spritz a little in the air on your lunch break... the uses are endless! You have a choice between the three scents listed, or for a slight discount you guy buy all three the Lovely Lavender mist has always been a beat seller. From it's aromatic & easing scent to it's skin healing properties for just about any ailment from bites to burn to rash. I have bottled all of my love for this gift from nature into one mist that does it all! As another of the staples in my house, we use this spray for everything under the sun (as the title suggests!). It is safe for the entire family, so spray generously on mom, dad, kids & yes, even the dog! It is as lovely for the skin as it is for the hair! Why stop there? It is safe to use as a pillow & linen spray or just to freshen the air around you! The 4oz bottle will last for a while, so spray away! This is not an ordinary body mist that you might find in other natural stores. I may have to charge slightly more, but keep in mind, I have not just combined water with essential oil. Doing that does not allow for even distribution of oils, so therefore you may get a direct hit of essential oil, or worse, just water, when you purchase less thought out versions of similar sprays. Read product labels & choose carefully! My spray has been enhanced with natural emulsifiers, natural preservatives, & pure lavender flower water. The Cinnamon scent is also made with 100% natural, pure essential oil & ingredients. It is warm & toasty the way that cinnamon should be & it is great for building positive energy. The Amber, Cassia, & Patchouli is a complex blend of sultry earthiness...very romantic, energizing, & deep. You may have tried other mists, but once you try thses111111 I believe you will be hooked! We are. :) please be aware that the best price is to buy all sprays together. They are each $12 or $33 for the set. Each bottle will come individually wrapped for giving. There is a savings of $3 when buying all three! Hear what others have to say! Lea says: I love it! Smells amazing & I spray it on everything. Packaged in a 4oz mister bottle. The 4oz size is shown. Made fresh to order. Comes wrapped for gift giving every time & packaged in recycled shipping material. Thank you for stopping into The Herb Appeal! Enjoy! Trio Of All Natural Body & Home Mists...individually Or As A Set.hmm 4 Oz Ea, Lovely Lavender, Cinnamon Burst Amber, Cassia, Patchoulii



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