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Each Magic Wand is made by hand by the fairies with a special design. The fairies use a high quality water proof paint for each magic wand. Each magic wand will be gift wrapped free of charge & even a little gift of the fairies will be included in your purchase. The price is including a beautiful protective box. On photo 4 you can see the letters that correspond with each wand in the order form. The size is approximately 11 inches (28cm) This wand will be shipped with tracking. Please note that my magic wands are not suitable for young children. Even though everything is securely attached on each wand, a wand can still damage if a child plays with it. These are handmade wands & not toys. Each Magic Wand is made by hand which makes each one unique. Unfortunately the fairies are unwilling to reveal their secrets with us. All they are willing to share is that each Magic Wand is made with Fairy Dust & Magic. Warning: extensive training needed in order to successfully combat Dark Wizards. Please note that Magic Wands are not suitable for very small children who still put objects in their mouths. Even though all the small decorations on the Magic Wand are secured very strongly, there is always a danger when small children start chewing on a Magic Wand not to mention all the spells that may accidentally shoot out of them. These Magic Wands make for great costume accessories for fantasy fairs, renaissance fairs etc. They can also be great tools for the witch or wizard that is practicing & working on their spells & magic. For more magical items please visit our shop: https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/FairyMeShop?ref=hdr_shop_menu By purchasing this item you agree to our shop policies. Fairy Bubble Wands Elven Magic Wizard Witches Wand Steampunk Cosplay Party Warlock



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