Freckles Romaine - 250 Seeds - Heirloom Lettuce - Festive Bright Green Speckled Leaves -Crisp - Tasty -Slow Bolting -Home Gardens-Market Grower
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Freckles Romaine Lettuce 26 days for baby leaves – 55 days for maturity All sales Final Bright green, speckled leaves paint an artistic brush stroke throughout the garden bed. Festive leaves will brighten any salad with a crisp tasty flavor. Bolt resistant & perfect for the home gardener as well as market sellers. Heat tolerant. Plant in succession for a longer harvest! Plant about 60 seeds per foot About 1000 will sow 16 feet or a 4x4 square foot bed Fun Facts: 1. There are four lettuce type classifications: crisphead, romaine, loose & butterhead 2. Several harvests can be obtained from one plant until the central stem forms 3. Loose-leaf lettuces provide vitamins A & C, folate, & iron All sales are Final Research if needed prior to purchase -Its up to you to AVOID disappointments & misunderstandings by reading the listing - provided growing instructions/label & germination time frame/ seeds DO NOT germinate in a few days or sometimes even weeks & may not be at the same time- this is normal in nature- If you have questions ASK- If you need help ASK Terms & conditions - PLEASE READ: Orders over $10 from will be shipped with tracking, Orders Under $10 will be shipped by the least expensive USPS way/ economy standard or first class WITHOUT TRACKING - BE SURE correct shipping information/addresses are provided-we will not resend due to incorrect address. NOTE: We are a small family business. We do not use expensive, glossy packaging- all seeds are hand packed, with care, on demand with label & growing instructions so that prices may be kept lower for the customer. We are a seed company that sells to experienced gardeners. If you are new to planting / gardening, take time to research what you are buying. ALL SEED SALES ARE FINAL! We are not responsible for gardeners’ success- WE DO NOT Guarantee that you as a gardener will be able to grow any particular seed. This is standard in the industry. We do not guarantee germination success but always send the very best viable seeds most of which are being tested & grown ourselves in our own greenhouses. All Seed counts are approximate. Sometimes you will get a few extra, sometimes there may be a missing one. Seeds vary in size & appearance. Some are extremely tiny – some are large. Some are flakes, round, hard, soft, or concave. This is how they look -this is how nature made them -this is normal. The liability of seller is limited to the cost of the seed itself only. Some seeds do not come up right away & may take several months – PAY attention to your germination time frames & do not contact us with complaints after short periods of time. We give you all the tools for success from the start so research if needed. By completing a purchase buyer is agreeing to these terms. Freckles Romaine - 250 Seeds - Heirloom Lettuce - Festive Bright Green Speckled Leaves -Crisp - Tasty -Slow Bolting -Home Gardens-Market Grower



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