Bladderwrack Plant 2Oz | 57G Organic Dried Bulk Herb, Fucus Vesiculosus Herba /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/
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ORGANIC Dried BLADDERWRACK PLANT CUT ( Fucus vesiculosus ). Its sometimes in our best interest to use Herbs instead of usual medicines. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF QUANTITY DISCOUNT: SHOP LINK : Weight: 4oz(113g) : 12.38$ Weight: 8oz(227g) : 20.76$ Weight: 1lb(454g) : 33.52$ Weight: 2lb(907g) : 57.04$ Weight: 4lb(1814g) : 100.08$ Listing Item Weight: 2oz (57g) Botanical name: Fucus vesiculosus Common Names: Paddy Tang,Red fucus, Dyers Fucus, Swine tang, Sea ware, Bladder, Rockweed, Bladderwrack, Popping wrack, Wrack,Fucus v?siculeux ,Blasentang ,Trambolho, Estalos, Esgalhota, Bag?o, Limbo-bexiga Habitat: Bladder wrack occurs intertidally on the middle-shore, where it grows attached to rocky substrates, & is often associated with knotted wrack (Acophyllum nodosum) in the zone above toothed wrack (Fucus serratus) . It can survive in a wide range of exposures Plant Description: Bladder wrack is a familiar large olive-brown coloured seaweed , which attaches to rocky substrates by means of a small disc . The flattened, branching fronds, which grow up to 2m in length, have an obvious midrib, & are covered with spherical air bladders, which tend to occur in pairs on either side of the mid-rib . in small plants, however, air bladders may be entirely absent . Forked & pointed reproductive structures occur at the tips of the fronds . The appearance of bladder wrack varies depending on the environmental conditions in which it occurs; in more sheltered areas there are many air bladders, whereas there are fewer in more exposed conditions . in very exposed areas, a form of bladder wrack called Fucus vesiculosus forma linearis may arise, which completely lacks bladders Plant Part Used: The whole plant Country of origin : BULGARIA Helpful information for herbal use & Safety Statement can be found here: Our mission is to offer High-quality Organic Herbs & Spices at a fair price in customer-friendly quantities. Thanks to all our loyal & valued ETSY customers! We are committed to your full satisfaction! Please feel free to contact us with any comments. Bladderwrack Plant 2Oz | 57G Organic Dried Bulk Herb, Fucus Vesiculosus Herba /Available Qty From 2Oz-4lbs/



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