Vegan 1772 Burnt Cloves To Darken Eyebrows Historical Recipe Organic Eyebrow Pencil Perfect Colored Brows Vintage Brow Color
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1772 Burnt Cloves To Darken The Eyebrows 2g or about 28 pieces Toilet de Flora Original Historical Recipe! Organically Grown To become beautiful, one must have beautifully darkened eyebrows. Whether or not we realize it, eyebrows have been important throughout history. Many cultures darkened them or emphasized them in some fashion. The 18th century was no different. Most of us don’t think too much about eyebrows in the 18th century, but once you realize how popular darkening them was, you will always from now on notice them in any type of portrait. Now you can be Historically accurate too! Using the historical method of the clove is so easy & smells fantastic - I use it every day. 18th century eyebrows & history Eyebrows were so important in the 18th century that some shops carried false ones. It was important to groom them to have a lovely natural curve & not to be too thin or too thick. After this, color was applied. Some of the more popular ingredients were: Elderberries, Burnt Cork, Burnt Cloves, The Black of Frankincense, Rosin, & Mastic. Recipes say that these will not melt or come off by sweating. We chose Clove. We tested out the burnt clove on both men & women, lest we forget our men need to be well-groomed with darkened brows too. Color & Application: You will be pleasantly surprised. The clove color is a dark brown/black color, so it fills in the brows & makes them a lovely natural dark color. The color will last at least 2 days. General perspiration will not remove the color but it will come off when you wash. I tried putting it on 2 different ways. I put it on with nothing on top of my skin. It worked just fine & would work for every day purposes of lightly coloring in the eyebrow. I also tried it with a moisturizer on first. I found this to be very pleasing as I was able to use my fingers to get a great shape & brush away any errors or unwanted marks. Each .5 oz container comes with about 2g or 28 pieces of burnt cloves ready for application. Check my channel on youtube for application videos: You will use the burnt portion of the clove ( the round part). You can apply as needed. It doesn’t hurt. You just brush it on your skin as if it were an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. These will last for a long time. After you use the clove numerous times, you can burn the end a bit more which will allow you to continue use for months to come. They will last a looong time. This is a great way to relive history. Throw away all your makeup with chemicals & go historically natural. Your skin will thank you! Be Beautiful. Be Historical. No harsh chemicals, talc, perfume, dyes, phthalates, bismuth, parabens or micronized minerals are used. Vegan 1772 Burnt Cloves To Darken Eyebrows Historical Recipe Organic Eyebrow Pencil Perfect Colored Brows Vintage Brow Color



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