Buttercup Necklace | Jewelry Yellow Pendant
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Petite hand sculpted 2cm Buttercup pendant on a hand wired bail. Available in many colors. -Original hand sculpted polymer clay flowers -Durable, water-resistant -No molds, no paint, no glue -2cm Flower (about 3/4 inch) -16 inch or 18 inch cable chain -Silver-plated, Gold-plated, Antique Brass, 925 sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled View matching collection at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/strandedtreasures/search?search_query=buttercup This item is made-to-order. Listing photos are for example. PRODUCT CARE ●Clean polymer clay by gently wiping it with a damp cotton swab & mild dish soap. Do not use cleaning agents. ●Avoid long term exposure to air, heat, moisture, salt & chlorinated water. ●Remove before you sleep, workout/sweat, shower, or apply beauty products. ●Store in re-sealable bag with anti-tarnish tab if included with packaging. Keep in a dark, dry location separate from other items. METALS ●Titanium - Hypoallergenic. Grade 1, commercially pure, nickel-free, corrosion-resistant. A non-reactive & biocompatible metal. Excellent choice for those with metal allergies. This option is available with our drop & stud earrings. ●925 Sterling Silver - Contains 92.5% Silver & 7.5% Copper (or Zinc) & is nickel-free. This metal will tarnish but can be polished back to its original shine. ●14k Gold Filled -Contains 14 karat gold bonded over copper & zinc & is nickel-free. The layering of gold is nearly 100x thicker than that of gold-plated. If properly cared for, it can take many years before any wear. It is considered an economical alternative to pure 14k gold jewelry. This metal will tarnish but can be polished back to its original shine. ●Silver & Gold Plated - These are considered costume jewelry metals. A thin layer of silver or gold is electroplated to a base metal. If properly stored & cared for they can maintain their color & shine but are more prone to tarnish & to skin reaction for those with metal allergies. ●Antique Brass - Usually a raw brass or iron alloy base that has been chemically treated to darken the surface for an aged appearance. ●304 Stainless Steel - Contains 18-20% chromium, 8-10.5% nickel, 0.08% carbon, plus iron & other trace elements. The thin layer of chromium makes it corrosion & stain resistant. COLOR SAMPLE CARDS Require a color match? Colors may appear slightly different on screen than in person. If you require a color match, purchasing a color sample card is strongly recommended. ●Polymer Clay Color Sample Card: https://www.etsy.com/listing/536794301 ●Rhinestone Color Sample Card: https://www.etsy.com/listing/824722539 Shop: StrandedTreasures.etsy.com All images are copyrighted by Stranded Treasures®, LLC. All rights reserved. Buttercup Necklace | Jewelry Yellow Pendant



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