Fern Wood Walking Stick
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The stick in the photo is made from willow wood. The canyons, river banks, & lake shores of the west abound in willow. It is very light weight & is relatively straight. But you can choose maple, birch or service berry wood as well. I peeled the bark in long straight rows running up & down the length of the stick giving it a series of flat surfaces the length of the stick. I left a 4" length of bark on the working end of the bottom partly so you will know my sticks are from wild wood & not the walking stick section of a wood supply house & partly because the bottom is where it gets muddy & weathered as it is the "working" end of the stick. I left a little 3 inch section of inner bark at the top to give it a crown & a contrasting stop to the smooth light heart wood. I did the art work where one would hold the stick. I can do it higher or lower if you prefer. I will put the vine anywhere you want it. I will personalize it for you too. The vine wraps around the two holes I drilled through the stick where I added the wrist rope. I did that because they were there & needed adornment. Do ferns grow in vines? I think not. Neither do acanthus leaveswhich these leaves resemble as well. But all things are possible in one's imagination. in my imagination I also see this stick held by a strong hand that carries it to wonderful places on hikes & journeys of beauty & discovery for years & years to come. NOTE: Each time I make a Fernwood walking stick it is slightly different. I started adding photos of the different varieties of the art work for you to see. Fern Wood Walking Stick



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