Magic Christmas Eve - Digital Pdf Cross Stitch Pattern
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This is a PDF cross stitch pattern & is sent by email & Etsy message in 1/3 days from order. The cold Christmas night comes & the first snowflakes begin to fall, as light & delicate as feathers... the villages are surrounded by an enchanted silence & a gentle tinkling of bells can be heard from afar... is it Santa Claus with his reindeer flying on his magical sleigh? are those the bells sewn along the edge of Saint Lucia's white robe, coming from the deep forest, crowned with candles? The animals come out from their dens & follow an irresistible smell... cookies with spices, vanilla milk, infusions with cinnamon & cloves... charmed, they all approach a little red house, where a white haired old lady lives... her greatest joy is to spend Christmas Eve baking cakes & biscuits, & giving them to all she loves... & the animals know that they are much loved by the old woman... They are all attentive to the slightest noise, & stay there, waiting, while the snow falls thick & covers the forest & the red house with its white & soft blanket... This design comes from the love for the forest, the animals & a simple life full of sweetness. For this Christmas, & this year, it is my latest creation... but certainly the new year will be full of surprises! With this design I wish you all a very happy Christmas, full of joy & love, of sharing & beauty! A warm hug to all of you and... get ready for another surprise coming very soon ;) The PDF file includes the cover, the colors summary & the pattern. Magic Christmas Eve - Digital Pdf Cross Stitch Pattern



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